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If I were a sloth

Simple text and color photographs introduce readers to sloths.

Sloths =

Describes the habitats, physical characteristics, behaviors, and survival strategies of sloths, animals that live in the rain forest. Presented in English and Spanish.

Soccer sloth

Lenni Rainleaf would be a great soccer player for the Sloths if only she could concentrate for longer than a few seconds.


"Diagrams, graphs, and fun text help readers explore the lives of sloths and their place in the wild animal kingdom"--Provided by publisher.


living the sloth life
"... a charming collection of comics about an ambitious little sloth who'd rather just take it easy. With themes related to work, fitness, food, shopping, home life, and pets--this book shows that you're not the only sloth at heart."--Back cover.

Baby sloths

"Sloth mothers give birth while hanging from trees! The baby sloth grabs the hair on it's mother's belly and typically weighs less than a pound. Read to learn more about baby sloths"--Provided by publisher.

Sloth wasn't sleepy

"A tough day, a bad dream, a scary noise . . . these are just a few of the things that can keep kids wide awake and frightened after dark. But Mama Sloth knows the secrets for calming worried minds and getting to sleep--and as she shares them with her daughter, young readers will learn valuable relaxation skills that last a lifetime"--OCLC.


"Book introduces the reader to the world of sloths"--Provided by publisher.

Sloths don't run

The story of two rainforest creatures who embark on an unlikely adventure - running The Great Rainforest Race. The pair proves that with hard work they can do what seemed impossible, and learn the true meaning of courage along the way.

The sloth life

dream on!
"Meet Sloth! He believes that relaxing is an art form, that slippers are an underrated fashion accessory, and that there's nothing better than a nap except for two naps. Or five"--Back cover.


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