Wild, Margaret

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The feather

"When a great feather drifts from the leaden sky, two children recognize its extraordinariness and take it to the village for its protection. The villagers, however, want to encase it, upon which the feather loses its radiance. The children take it home and care for it through the night. In the morning it is again radiant, and when they set it free, it leaves behind the first signs of blue sky and color. The ambiguous ending invites multiple interpretations about the effects of selflessness and kindness"--Provided by publisher.


An injured magpie and a one-eyed dog live happily together in the forest, until a jealous fox arrives to teach them what it means to be alone.
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Our granny

While grannies come in all shapes and sizes, "our granny" is unique.
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But granny did!

The sloth who slowed us down

When young Amy brings a sloth home for a visit, her family, the speediest in town, learns how to slow down to talk, play, and laze.
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The treasure box

As the library burns, Peter and his father flee their home, taking with them a book more precious than jewels - a book that tells the story of their people. When Peter loses his father and has to walk over the mountains, he must bury their treasure in an iron box to protect it, leaving it behind.

The treasure box

When war forces people to flee their homes, young refugee Peter carries a cherished family possession throughout a difficult period of survival before reflecting on its importance years later.

Let the celebrations begin!

A child, who remembers life at home before life in a concentration camp, makes toys with the women to give to the other children at the very special party they are going to have when the soldiers arrive to liberate the camp.

Rosie and Tortoise

Rosie the hare is afraid to hold her premature baby brother because he seems so fragile until their father tells her a special story about a tortoise and a hare.

Mr. Nick's knitting


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