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creative ability

Your idea starts here

77 mind-expanding ways to unleash your creativity
Offers seventy-seven ideas to promote creativity and self-actualization.

Teaching outside the lines

developing creativity in every learner
" ... delivers ... strategies for equipping learners across all grades and subjects with the motivation and critical thinking skills to thrive in [a] high-tech [society]"

The creativity book

a year's worth of inspiration and guidance
Presents a one-year plan designed to help people improve their creativity, with two discussions and exercises for each week that culminate in a guided project of the reader's choosing.

The upside of being down

The author shares her journey to becoming the creator and CCo of a multimillion-dollar brand, including her childhood struggles with bipolar disorder, to her winding career path, and finally, entrepreneur with no business experience.

Little Leonardo's fascinating world of the arts

". . . introduces children to the many different types of creative fields in the arts including drawing and painting, music and dance, writing, design, architecture, and photography"--OCLC.

The princess and the Christmas rescue

"Princess Eliza is lonely in her beautiful snow palace. Stuck inside all day with no one to play with, she figures out how to make almost anything with a few bits of wood and some string, including her own toys! Anything, that is, except the thing she wants most ... a friend"--OCLC.

Feck perfuction

dangerous ideas on the business of life
Begin before you're ready. Renowned designer and professional hell-raiser James Victore wants to drag you off your couch and throw you headfirst into a life of bold creativity. He'll guide you through all the twists, trials, and triumphs of starting your creative career, from finding your voice to picking the right moment to start a project (hint: It's now). Bring your biggest, craziest, most revolutionary ideas, and he will give you the kick in the pants you need to make them real. No matter what industry or medium you work in, this book will help you live, work, and create freely and fearlessly. Here are some dangerous ideas: The things that made you weird as a kid make you great today. Work is serious play. Your ego can't dance. The struggle is everything. Freedom is something you take. There ain't no rules. Take a risk. Try them out. Live dangerously.

The art of curiosity

50 visionary artists, scientists, poets, makers, and dreamers who are changing the way we see our world
"In this book 50 artists, scientists, philosophers, makers, and others talk about the vital role curiosity plays in their lives, and how you too can ask the questions that . . . [may] . . . help to make our world a better place"--Back cover.

Lost for words

Tapir has a new notebook and pencils but, unlike his friends, can think of nothing to write and is ready to give up when he finds a better way to communicate--through drawing.


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