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Getting rid of the worms

"What happens when all the worms are gone? One by one, a raccoon farmer gets rid of the worms in their field. When the field is finally clean, the farmer finds out something's wrong. No potatoes will grow! Something is wrong with the soil. Will the farmer ever fix the soil in the field? What will help the potatoes grow?"--Provided by publisher.

Under your feet

Introduces the soil and its role in the ecosystem, and describes different types of soil, some of the creatures that live underground, from giant fungi to moles and microbes, and the soils of the Moon and Mars.

Peru's Rainbow Mountain

"Introduces readers to the colorful Rainbow Mountain in Peru and how this natural phenomenon came to be"--Amazon.

Get hands-on with types of soil!

Dirt?s not all that interesting?or is it? In truth, Earth?s soil is one of the major reasons life on the planet can exist! In this book, readers will learn that there?s far more to dirt and soil than the stuff you get on your sneakers or sweep off your front steps. Illustrations will show more about soil?s origins and makeup, as well as the nutrients it provides for growing things. Projects and activities allow young geologists to put what they?re learning into practice and get their hands dirty as they investigate the world beneath our feet.


delving deep into the layers of the earth
"Soil may look like lifeless matter beneath your feet, but nothing could be further from the truth! Healthy soil is teeming with organisms, organic material, and minerals that make plant life--including sources of food--possible. Readers will learn more about the 'recipe' for good soil, how soil may change because of environmental factors, and that soil is truly one of the most vital natural resources on Earth. Attractive images are a perfect addition for the visual learner, while supportive, comprehensible facts are distributed throughout the text in eye-catching ways"--Provided by the publisher.

The dirt book

poems about animals that live beneath our feet
"A collection of poems about dirt and the many organisms that live there such as grubs, trap door spiders, moles, earthworms, chipmunks, and doodlebugs"-- Provided by publisher.

El suelo

Text and pictures introduce young readers to the science of soil. Includes audio, videos, activities, weblinks, slideshows, transparencies, maps, quizzes, and supplementary resources.


Provides an overview of the scientific method and includes material lists and step-by-step instructions for five experiments on soil. Includes audio, videos, activities, weblinks, slideshows, transparencies, maps, quizzes, and supplementary resources.


In this book, readers will dig into the layers of soil, learn how it is made, and find out how soil helps plants and other living things thrive.

Pebbles, sand, and silt

"Using scientific inquiry, readers will learn about the different layers, types, and purposes of soil. Through everyday connections to science in the real world, decide what soil is best to grow a garden. Includes a note to caregivers, a glossary, a discover activity, and career connections, as well as connections to science history"--Provided by publisher.


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