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Escape from the Roller Ghoster

Desmond and Andres try to enjoy their day at the local theme park while being pursued by ghosts.

Ghostly graphic adventures

While on vacation in Maine, Joey, Tank, and Gill explore an eighteenth century shipwreck that is uncovered by a storm and soon find themselves part of its ghostly crew.

Ghostly graphic adventures

Joey and Gil's fishing trip takes a dangerous turn when a sudden storm capsizes their boat and they are forced to wait for help in an abandoned lighthouse that is rumored to be haunted.

The haunted souvenir warehouse

Describes and explains supernatural occurrences in eleven locations around the world.

Between two worlds

true ghost stories of the British Isles

Strange sights in the White House and other hauntings in Washington, D.C.

"As the First Family sleeps, something spooky goes bump in the night. History knows the White House as the symbol of the American presidency. Could it also be America's most haunted house? Learn more about the White House's most talked-about ghosts and about other paranormal activity running wild in the nation's capital"--Provided by publisher.

Tracking ghosts and hauntings

"A wispy figure in a photograph. Objects overturned, broken, or missing. Movement in the attic. These are the sorts of things people report when they believe they have encountered a ghost. Are ghosts real, or just visions and sensations captured by an overactive imagination? This book will show readers not only some of the locations for famous hauntings, but also the science and technology that goes into proving, and disproving, encounters with spirits. Readers will discover inexplicable poltergeists and baffled families, as well as logical explanations such as infrasound and magnetic fields. They will be introduced to the field of parapsychology, and learn how ghosts and hauntings have permeated the horror genre of so many forms of storytelling, including social media"--Amazon.

Jennifer Strange

"Savannah, Georgia is one of the most haunted places in the United States, a fact Jennifer Strange has become all too aware of since moving there to live with her sister after their father's disappearance. Ghosts love her. They haunt her and everyone around her. Now they seem to want her to do something for them. Just what she's not sure but she better figure it out before they force her to join them"--Provided by publisher.

YuYu Hakusho

Sensui kidnaps Kuwabara for his aura sword, which can cut holes between dimensions, and Yusuke, the reborn teen, chases after them on a bicycle and is challenged to a dangerous video game contest by a little kid.


Contains brief statements in which people across the United States tell about their encounters with ghosts, UFOs, monsters, and other unexplained phenomena, each with a portrait at the location the event took place.


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