Newkirk, Ingrid

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remarkable discoveries about animals and the remarkable ways we can be kind to them
". . . A book that offers both a tour of the wonderful world of animals and a guide to simple ways in which we can reduce the harm we cause them in our everyday lives"--Provided by publisher.

SAve the Animals

Actions that can be taken to save animals both in the wild and in Science.

You Can Save the Animals

251 Ways to Stop Thoughtless Cruelty
Includes bibliographic resources and index.

Free the animals

the amazing true story of the Animal Liberation Front

50 awesome ways kids can help animals

fun and easy ways to be a kind kid
Presents a practical guide that offers advice to kids on how to protect animals.

Kids can save the animals!

101 easy things to do
Discusses the many ways in which people can help animals, ease their living conditions, and make sure they receive the proper treatment which is their right.

Save the animals!

101 easy things you can do
Discusses ways people can help protect animals including buying products that are not tested on animals or that do not use animal ingredients, becoming a vegetarian, writing letters to government leaders, and working with animal rights and environmental organizations.

The PETA practical guide to animal rights

simple acts of kindness to help animals in trouble
Provides an overview of animal rights issues, such as hunting and fishing, laboratory testing, and dissection, and offers suggestions on how readers can help animals in trouble.
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