Stefoff, Rebecca

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Astrology and astronomy

Examines astrology and astronomy and how they became two different ways to study the stars during the seventeenth century.

How animals think

Describes the behaviors that indicate how animals think, including instinct, social cues, conditioning, problem solving, use of tools, and more.

How animals feel

"Provides information on how animals feel by citing examples of emotional understanding and providing examples of animal altruism"--Provided by publisher.

How animals communicate

Describes the behaviors that animals use to communicate, including the use of smell, taste, sight, sound, and feeling.

How animals play

"Provides information on the science behind how and why animals play"--Provided by publisher.

Al Gore, vice president

Freedom Summer for young people

the savage season that made Mississippi burn and made America a democracy
Chronicles the events of the summer of 1964, when hundreds of college students arrived in Mississippi to register black voters and educated black children. Delves into the murders of three of the volunteers and discusses the FBI's investigation, the discovery of the bodies, and the climax of the summer at the Democratic National Convention in Atlantic City.

Surviving the Oregon Trail

"Read about how over half a million men, woman and children risked their lives and traveled west on the Oregon Trail in hopes for a better future"--Provided by publisher.
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Norman Schwarzkopf


A biography of the Saudi Arabian king who ruled from 1964 until his assassination in 1975 and who became, during his reign, an important world leader through his control of his country's vast oil resources.
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