Scott Kelly

astronaut twin who spent a year in space
Scott Kelly, an American astronaut, went to space in the 1990s and 2000s. In 2015, he spent nearly a year in space. While there, his body was compared to his twin's on the ground. The data helped us learn about the impacts of space on the human body. Learn more about Kelly's life as an astronaut.

Michelle Obama

political icon
"Former First Lady Michelle Obama is a lawyer, a best-selling author, and a powerful advocate for equal rights. From Chicago to Harvard, the White House and beyond, follow Obama's trailblazing and inspiring journey"--Provided by publisher.

Michelle Obama

health advocate
Looks at the life of Michelle Obama and how she influenced the nation as First Lady.


Culled from more than 5,000 pages of e-mail, Swoon is a true story of two writers who meet and fall in love over the internet. It is autobiography, poetry, literary essay and erotica all rolled into one. Revealing the tenacity of love, this correspondence takes place between Nada Gordon, an expatriate in Tokyo, and Gary Sullivan in New York, who finally meet in the "real" world with mixed reactions followed by a Hollywood ending. It is Heloise and Abelard without the tragedy, the troubadors without inequality, and the Brownings without euphemisim--all facilitated by the immediate intimacy of cybercommunication.

The truths we hold

an American journey
The autobiographical memoir of the first woman, African American, and South Asian American to become attorney general of the State of California, and the second black woman ever elected to the United States Senate. Harris discusses the impact that her family and community had on her life, and how she came to discover her own sense of self and purpose.

Kamala Harris

first female vice president
"Kamala Harris broke new ground in the courtroom, in the Senate, and--finally--in the White House. Throughout her life, the first female vice president worked hard to defend the rights of all people and changed the United States forever. Learn all about this trailblazing woman"--Provided by publisher.

Kamala Harris

"Kamala Harris is . . . [a] prominent political figure. During her time in Congress, she has been an inspiration to many, advocating for equal rights, immigration and criminal justice reform, and a more united country. In this . . . biography, young readers will learn about Harris's life from her childhood to . . . [more recent times] her accomplishments as an attorney, and her challenges in politics"--Provided by publisher.

Michelle's garden

how the First Lady planted seeds of change
"The story of Michelle Obama and her time in the White House, where she led in the growth of a kitchen garden"--Provided by publisher.


adapted for young readers
This volume for young people is an honest and fascinating account of Michelle Obama's life led by example. She shares her views on how all young people can help themselves as well as help others, no matter their status in life. She asks readers to realize that no one is perfect, and that the process of becoming is what matters, as finding yourself is ever evolving. In telling her story with boldness, she asks young readers: Who are you, and what do you want to become?.

Kamala Harris

Madam Vice President
"Senator Kamala Harris is known as a tough prosecutor. She made history as the first Black and Indian woman to lead a major ticket. Follow her fight to the White House!"--Provided by publisher.


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