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"When baby wants out of his crib, it's up to his faithful dog to keep him out of trouble"--.

Stinky Spike the pirate dog

"When Spike finds himself adrift at sea he is rescued by a crew of surly pirates, who spend their days hunting for treasure. Spike knows that he was meant to sniff out treasure, but his sense of smell leads him to some unusual treasure"--Provided by publisher.

Stinky Spike and the royal rescue

"Stinky Spike the dog and Captain Fishbeard the pirate are thick as thieves now that Spike has proved his treasure-sniffing ability. When Spike and his crew come across a sign offering a reward for finding the Princess's lost poodle, they can hardly resist. Surely finding a fluffy royal pooch can't be very difficult? When blundering pirates are involved, things never go according to plan"--Provided by publisher.

Take a hike!

On a camping trip with his dog Toby, Moby Shinobi's ninja skills keep making a mess of things but when hikers get lost he leads a team to save them.


A golden retriever puppy named Wally looks for adventure and finds it on a pirate ship run by puppy pirates.

One afternoon

"This wordless picture book simultaneously shares the story of a young art designer who takes a bike tour through the streets of Taipei and the designer's dog, who is stuck at home with nothing to do but waste away the hours until ... oh, but that would be telling!"-OCLC.

The lost puppy

"When a tiny puppy turns up in the palace garden, Bea must keep it a secret until she can find it a home. But it's hard to hide an excited puppy when there's a royal banquet underway, and Bea's going to need some help from her best friend . . . "--OCLC.

Be a dog expert

"Do you know your Pugs from your Poodles? This guide to everything dog and puppy is packed with essential information from different dog breeds to how to look after a dog to facts about famous and record-breaking dogs"--Provided by publisher.

The puppy rescue

Girl Scout mystery
"Avery, Ella, and their two Girl Scout friends decide to show their love for animals by volunteering at an animal shelter. They have fun giving puppy baths, cuddling canines, and even cleaning cages! But when the girls realize that the dogs and puppies are disappearing, they become alarmed. Who is taking the precious pups? And why?? To make matters worse, there's a hurricane coming!"--Back cover.

With a dog and a cat, every day is fun

"With both a cat and a dog, there's double the antics, double the fun (and double the kibble!) but while Inu and Neko coexist peacefully, they have their own distinct personalities"--Back cover.


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