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Everyone knows that Poe created the detective genre, but did you know he was a detective himself? Finally the secret can be revealed for the first time! Enter the world of Poe and follow the famous author of darkness as he delves into the dark side of man. As he tracks the killer of his brother's friend, Poe must rescue his brother and his brother's wife from The Red Death! But when The Red Death offers to bring Poe's wife Virginia back to life in exchange, will Poe make the right choice?.

The essence of line

French drawings from Ingres to Degas
Presents a collection of reproductions of the drawings and sketches of the best-known French artists of the nineteenth century, including Degas, Delacroix, Daumier, Cezanne, and more.

Morgan's passing

When middle-aged Morgan needs new friends and activities, he attaches himself to a young couple and disrupts their lives.

Celestial navigation

Thirty-eight-year-old Jeremy Pauling, having spent his entire life on the top floor of his mother's Baltimore row house, is drawn out of his self-imposed isolation when his mother dies and he rents out rooms to a young woman and her child.

Nine years under

coming of age in an-inner city funeral home
"Six Feet Under" meets The Wire in a dazzling and darkly comic memoir about coming-of-age in a black funeral home in Baltimore. Sheri Booker was only fifteen years old when she started working at Wylie Funeral Home in West Baltimore. She had no idea that her summer job would become nine years of immersion in a hidden world. Reeling from the death of her beloved great aunt, she found comfort in the funeral home, and soon has the run of the place, from its sacred chapels to the terrifying embalming room. With AIDS and gang violence threatening to wipe out a generation of black men, Wylie was never short on business. As families came together to bury one of their own, Booker was privy to their most intimate moments of grief and despair. But along with the sadness, Booker encountered moments of dark humor: brawls between mistresses and widows, and car crashes at McDonald's with dead bodies in tow. While she never got over her terror of the embalming room, Booker learned to expect the unexpected and to never, ever cry. This vibrant tour of a macabre world reveals an urban funeral culture where photo-screened memorial T-shirts often replace suits and ties and the dead are sent off with a joint or a fifth of cognac. Nine Years Under offers readers an unbelievable glimpse into an industry in the backdrop of all our lives"--.


a year on the killing streets
Tells the true story of a year on the violent streets of an American city, focusing on three detectives, each driven in his own way to find out how and why the bodies fall.

The corner

a year in the life of an inner-city neighborhood

The beautiful struggle

a father, two sons, and an unlikely road to manhood
The author describes how his father guided him through his difficult adolescence to where he is now.

The other Wes Moore

one name, two fates
Wes Moore discusses how he met and interviewed another man also named Wes Moore who followed a very different and destructive life than his own, even though they grew up close to one another in the same dangerous neighborhood. Moore outlines the life decisions that led each of them in different directions and provides black-and-white photographs.

Anna all year round

Chronicles the sometimes funny, sometimes sad experiences of eight-year-old Anna with her friends and family during a year in Baltimore just before World War I.


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