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The story of Frida Kahlo

a biography book for new readers
"Frida Kahlo is one of the most celebrated artists in the world, but before she made history with her beautiful paintings and brave spirit, she went through a life-changing accident that would have made many people want to give up . . . [This book} shows how she fought to overcome setbacks and follow her passion to create amazing artwork and make the world a more colorful place"-Adapted from publisher description.

What would Frida do?

a guide to living boldly
". . . explores the Latinx and feminist icon's signature style, outspoken politics, passionate love life, and courageous art--even in the face of pain and heartbreak"--Dust jacket.

Cece Rios and the desert of souls

"Privately questioning her remote community's superstitions about dangerous powerful spirits in their Devil's Alley home, Cecelia Rios experiments with the forbidden art of brujer?a to rescue her kidnapped sister"--OCLC.


Mexican cuisine is found in restaurants all over the world. The authentic dishes people associate with Mexico all have roots in Mesoamerican customs and European trade, with regional highlights creating a tapestry of flavor and culture. From the ranchero plains of El Norte and Baja to the tropical jungle of the Yucatan peninsula and colorful Oaxaca, Mexico offers cuisine richly infused with history, tradition, and nature. Learn about Mexican celebrations and festivals and how food plays a role; the variety of naturally found ingredients and how they affect regional trademark recipes; and the impact of Colonial-era settlers on the country's food production. The Customs, Culture & Cuisine series explores the world's most influential societies. Each volume provides a better understanding of their history and culture while showing how those elements impact and inform their cuisine and culinary styles. From key customs to traditional celebrations, food unites them all.

I am not alone

Alberto is an undocumented immigrant from Mexico, living in New York City, and is now suspected of a terrible crime; his friend Grace is a top student with every advantage, and she is determined to prove Alberto's innocence.

The girl who could silence the wind

Sixteen-year-old Sonia Ocampo, having been born on a night of a very bad storm that suddenly stopped when she came into the world, struggles with the belief of others that she has protective powers, so when she gets the opportunity to move to the city and work for a wealthy family, she takes the chance to escape the expectations of those around her, but with the disappearance of her brother, she is forced to face the fact she can never leave her past or family behind.

Fear is just a word

a missing daughter, a violent cartel, and a mother's quest for vengeance
"This unputdownable book weaves together two stories: the story of a courageous mother, and the story of the rise of drug cartels and of violence in Mexico. The story begins on an international bridge between Mexico and the U.S. Miriam Rodriguez is stalking one of the men who murdered her daughter. He is a member of the Zeta drug cartel that now controls what was once Miriam's quiet hometown of San Fernando, near the U.S. border. Having dyed her hair red and wearing a disguise, Miriam single-handedly orchestrates the arrest of this man, one of the many men she has targeted and gotten arrested for the murder of her daughter, Karen. Moving back and forth in time, this deeply researched account reveals how the drug cartels built their power in Mexico; how the Zeta cartel took over the quiet town of San Fernando, with its crucial geographic location for drug smuggling, near a crossroads to the US border; and how the cartels , for money, power and control, kidnap and murder victims. Miriam's daughter, Karen, was just one of the many people disappeared by the cartels. Miriam, a brilliant and perseverant woman, begins a vigilante crusade to target Karen's killers, and then to help other victimized families seek justice. Eventually, the success of Miriam's investigation techniques and her activism on behalf of other families lead to her being murdered by the cartel. Then, her son, Luis, finds his mother's briefcase with the names of other targets and her investigation techniques, and quietly continues to pursue justice for his family and for the families of other victims of violence in Mexico"--.

Frida Kahlo

the artist in the blue house
Presents an introduction to artist Frida Kahlo, discussing how her love of Mexico, her husband Diego Rivera, and a serious accident at the age of eighteen influenced her work, and looking at some of her many autobiographical paintings and drawings.

Celebrating D??a de los Muertos

history, traditions, and activities
"D??a de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is a holiday that celebrates loved ones who have passed on. This engaging book for kids explains the history, traditions, and customs of D??a de los Muertos and includes interactive activities that encourage kids to celebrate at home or in their communities. A variety of activities: from baking pan de muerto (or "bread of the dead") to creating paper marigold flowers, kids can explore hands-on ways to get festive. Fun facts and illustrations: colorful pictures and thought-provoking facts help kids discover new things about D??a de los Muertos. Celebratory traditions: kids will learn how D??a de los Muertos is celebrated across the world, with parades, storytelling, music, and food" --.

Habi?a una vez Mexicanas que hicieron historia 2

Text and illustrations look at more lives of some of the most talented, reckless, curious, rebellious and enterprising women in Mexico.


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