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How STEM built the Greek empire

"The ancient Greeks lived thousands of years ago. However, their discoveries about science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) aren't out-of-date or old-fashioned. In fact, some of the ideas and inventions they dreamed up so long ago are useful to the modern world. In every field, including geometry, astronomy, zoology, and medicine, the ancient Greeks were constantly looking at their world and making important discoveries--building blocks for science and technology in the modern age. This . . . book helps readers understand and better appreciate the . . . STEM discoveries the ancient Greeks have handed down through the centuries"--Provided by publisher.


score with STEM!
A basketball player speeds down the court toward the basket. With just seconds left in the game the ball leaves their fingertips and arcs its way through the air. Swish! Nothing but net! A good shot takes skill, practice, and a little bit of STEM. Explore the science, technology, engineering, and math behind the game of basketball. Sports and STEM? Score!.


score with STEM!
As the clock ticks down, the quarterback looks for an open receiver. The offensive line holds back the opposing team's strong defense, but they can't give the QB time forever. The wide receiver breaks away and the QB launches the ball. Touchdown! A good football team needs skill, practice, and a little bit of STEM. Explore the science, technology, engineering, and math behind the game of football. Sports and STEM? Score!.


score with STEM!
"Explore the science, technology, engineering, and math behind the game of baseball"--Provided by publisher.


an illustrated history from ancient craft to modern technology
Surveys the development of engineering and notable achievements in the field.

China through time

a 2,500-year journey along the world's greatest canal
This beautifully illustrated and exquisitely detailed book takes you on an unforgettable time-traveling journey through Chinese history. Spanning 2,500 years and 1,115 miles (1,794 km), from Hangzhou in the south to Beijing in the north, China Through Time tells the fascinating story of China's Grand Canal--the world's longest and oldest man-made waterway. Meet emperors, armies, and soldiers from early Chinese history, and follow the construction and development of the Grand Canal up to the present. Stunning panoramic illustrations and lively, engaging text bring to life key periods and turning points in the canal's history. Cutaway views showing the interior of boats and buildings, picture pullouts surrounding each double-page illustration, and simple annotations highlighting important characters and places provide a wealth of detail that will stimulate children's interest in the history of China. Children will also love searching for the time-traveling cat who appears in the illustrations, drawing them further into the hustle and bustle of each scene. Perfect for parents and children to pore over and discuss together time and again, China Through Time also makes a gorgeous gift or collector's item. Fun, interactive, and packed with compelling detail, it vividly presents Chinese history to children as they have never seen it before.

Exploring careers in engineering

Engineering is a broad field that provides many different opportunities for creating, discovering, and problem solving. Engineers use math and science skills to do work that changes the world.

Great car designs

Car manufacturers have learned to be versatile over the years. Some cars are designed for safety and comfort. Others are designed for speed. Car enthusiasts can spend hours hotly debating the best designs. Environmental concerns also affect a car's design, especially when it comes to the engine. This volume looks at some of the most iconic and interesting cars from the inside out. A glossary of new terms gives readers a better grasp of the subject matter, and full-color photographs chronicle the history of car design, from simple motorized carts to sleek racing cars.

Penny, the engineering tail of the fourth little pig

"When Penny's brothers ask for her help after their encounters with Wolfgang (otherwise known as the Big Bad Wolf) she comes to their rescue by using all her engineering know-how to help them build a new wolf-proof house" -- Publisher supplied.


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