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Pairing STEAM with stories

46 hands-on activities for children
"This book provides 46 hands-on STEAM activities that librarians and museum educators can implement"--Provided by publisher.

The plan for the gingerbread house

a STEM engineering story
In this rhyming story, a group of school children learn from their mistakes as they team up to bake, build, and decorate the perfect gingerbread house to enter in the Gingerbread Fair.

Cole Champion takes on the villains

"When the students at HERO Junior High compete against another school's villains-in-training, Cole Champion is the only one who thinks the villains are acting suspiciously"--Provided by publisher.

The environment

It may seem like environmental science is its own field of study separate from other scientific disciplines, but in fact, it is made up of numerous scientific fields. Climatology, meteorology, biology, ecology, botany, geology, zoology, physics, agriculture, and chemistry are all important components of the scientific study of the environment. Whether they are studying the way animals interact in their natural habitats, the formation of rocks, the elements found in the earth, or the effects of climate change on our planet, scientists are crucial in shaping our understanding of the world.


The Wright brothers' first flight at the start of the 20th century marked a new phase in human history. Since then, the number of aircraft in the sky has grown. More than 4,000 airplanes are in the air right now. While the majority of these planes have pilots and carry passengers, some do not. Simply put, drones are unmanned planes and ships, guided either by remote control or onboard computers. The most common type of drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). A UAV is a flying robot controlled either by a pilot on the ground or by an onboard computer. Autonomous drones do not require a pilot to actively send directions. Instead, they are programmed to fly a set route. Some autonomous drones can change course along the way if they encounter problems or need to avoid obstacles. Drones are not limited to the sky. Divers and historians use submersible vehicles to explore shipwrecks, plane crashes, coral, and the many yet-to-be-discovered mysteries of the deep sea. Some aquatic drones are also used to fight climate change by cleaning and policing harbors. Aerial drones are also used to police harbors and find oil and chemical spills in the water.

STEAM activities in 30 minutes for elementary learners

"Using STEAM activities, this book places school librarians at the intersection with inquiry in an elementary school. Learners will think like a scientist and design like an engineer using an iterative process to make authentic learning connections and develop a growth mindset. Designed to be completed in 30-minute class periods, 14 scaffolded STEAM activities allow school librarians to easily shift the same lesson between classes and grade levels"-- Provided by publisher.

Design like nature

biomimicry for a healthy planet
Contains descriptions of technological innovations inspired by things found in the natural world.

Cole Champion is not super

Cole Champion's lack of superpowers sticks out like a sore thumb at his school for the superpowered, until an accident puts the school in danger and none of the other students' powers can help.


engineering masterpieces
"Follow Bea, Archie, Trudy, and Spencer (otherwise known as the BATS!) as they crisscross the globe using every type of bridge: beam, arch, truss, and suspension. From ancient low-slung rope bridges to modern hi-tech towers of steel, they'll traverse 'em all. Their journey will take them through history and connect them with new ideas and different cultures. Along the way they'll identify the dangerous forces trying to bring bridges crashing down, and how to defeat them...through engineering!"--From the publisher's web site.

How engineers find solutions

"This series introduces young readers to the work that engineers do, the practical applications of engineering, and the engineering design process. It includes real-world examples and interesting facts to keep readers engaged"--.


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