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Sona Sharma

looking after planet earth
When Sona learns about the climate crisis at school, she worries nobody is doing enough to combat it. So she takes up the challenge herself! But her family isn't amused when Sona suddenly gets rid of her sister's diapers and turns off Thatha and Paatti's cooling fan during their nap. Sona finds a better way to implement change, at a family meeting where everyone helps make a list of ways to conserve. Energized, Sona sets her sights on the rest of the neighborhood. When she learns many of the kolams--traditional art that people draw in front of their homes to celebrate the festival season--are not eco-friendly, she makes plans for some even bigger changes. Can Sona convince everyone to get involved--even her own strong-willed grandmother? Charming illustrations bring to life this heartening story and its delightfully eager main character, who is sure to inspire young environmentalists. Back matter includes a vocabulary list and a lesson on how to draw your own kolam.

The story of Gandhi

a biography book for new readers
Gandhi was one of the most important leaders in history. He used peaceful protests and other nonviolent methods to stand up for equal rights for all people. Before he showed the world that peaceful actions can create powerful change, he was a shy young boy who kept to himself. He studied hard in school, became a lawyer, and used his skills to help others. Explore how Gandhi went from being a quiet kid growing up in India to one of the bravest and most outspoken leaders in the entire world.

Turtle and the geese

an Indian graphic folktale
"In this Indian folktale, a young turtle shares a shallow lake with unlikely friends - two geese. But when the lake starts drying up, the stubborn turtle must follow his winged friend's advice, or he'll be left out to dry"--Publisher.

Lioness of Punjab

"It is the winter of 1705, and the tenth Guru of the Sikhs is under attack by the armies of the mighty Mughal Emperor, Aurangzeb. Under siege and isolated, Guru Gobind Singh Ji's men are exhausted beyond measure, and forty soldiers decide to head home. Back in the villages of Punjab, these forty men are met by a fiery Sikh woman-a warrior who has been preparing all her life for this very moment-who leads the deserters back to the Guru. This is the story of that warrior, the fierce Mai Bhago, who chose the sword to symbolize her unwavering loyalty and devotion to her people and her faith"--Provided by publisher.

Caste, Hindutva and Dalits

Caste has been a major defining characteristic of Indian society. It has its origins in early India and finds mention in Hindu scriptures. There have been efforts by the likes of Gautam Budhha, Kabir, Ambedkar who have challenged and opposed this social system. Despite the change in the patterns of society the caste rigidities have not been done away with till today. This is a system of structural hierarchy which needs to be annihilated. During freedom movement the foundation of an equal society were laid. The freedom of the country gave a big hope that the Indian Constitution and its norms will ensure the eradication of this system, but it persists in newer forms. There have been social streams which have been preserving the graded structure of our society. The book is compilation of essays and articles which highlight the salient features of the caste system, the ideology which aims to preserve it and the struggles which are going on to eradicate the same. The book traces the principles and forms of the campaigns/movements aiming at society with Liberty, Equality and Fraternity.


With 1.2 billion people, India is the second-most populous country on Earth and arguably the most diverse. During its history, which spans more than five thousand years, the subcontinent was variously ruled by both home-grown leaders and foreign conquerors. Each era added to the blend of traditions, ethnicities, languages, faiths, festivals, and the arts that make India the country it is today. Perhaps nothing better reflects Indian diversity and its people than the country's rich, varied cuisine. Indian takes a look at each region's signature dishes and spices and at how cooking in India is an expression of family togetherness, friendship, and community connection. The Customs, Culture & Cuisine series explores the world's most influential societies. Each volume provides a better understanding of their history and culture while showing how those elements impact and inform their cuisine and culinary styles. From key customs to traditional celebrations, food unites them all.

Raaga's song

a Diwali story
"Raaga loves to sing and to listen to her grandfather's stories. She especially loves hearing about the origins of Diwali, a holiday that honors Lord Rama's victorious return to his kingdom after vanquishing the demon Ravana. Raaga, whose name means melody, hopes to conquer her own fears of singing in front of an audience at the Royal Palace on Diwali"--OCLC.

Ancient architecture

Ancient architecture includes structures that were built long ago by early civilizations. This book showcases astounding ancient buildings-from ziggurats and pyramids to palaces and temples-and the architects who built them! A table of contents, glossary, index, author biography, design activity, and sidebars are included in this title.

Indian culture and cooking

Readers explore the cultures of India through its food in this creative collection of accessible recipes. From spice blends and curries to sweet treats, each recipe is broken down into simple, clear steps that often feature photographs to help readers visualize the cooking process. However, readers learn far more than just how to make traditional Indian dishes. They discover the importance of food as part of Indian daily life and special celebrations. This insightful cultural context is presented through main text and fact boxes that are paired with colorful photographs and helpful maps.


a long way home
Saroo Brierley discusses his life as an adopted boy living in Tasmania and his time spent finding his birth family in India.


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