food supply

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food supply

Water scarcity and food security along the Nile

politics, population increase and climate change
"Water scarcity and food security [in 11 African countries] are analyzed from a range of perspectives. What are the future predictions regarding population increase and climate change, and how will these affect development in Nile Basin countries? What are . . . water theories addressing the above issues, and what are the main challenges the Nile Basin countries will face in a context that is also strongly shaped by its history?"--Back cover.

Food supply

Discusses the growing problem of food supply around the globe, and looks at what is being done to solve the problem.

The future of food

"As Earth's human population grows, scientists and farmers must find new ways to create more food with less space. Learn about the challenges farmers face, the future of the meat industry, and much more"--Provided by publisher.

Food Security

For a number of reasons, the global food supply is not as stable as it has been historically. The global population continues to grow, while catastrophic weather events like floods and droughts have an increasingly detrimental effect on crops around the world. Various political factors also impact food security, including violent conflicts within and between countries, trade wars and tariffs, and contentious decisions regarding which crops to subsidize. The viewpoints in this volume explore the causes of food insecurity around the world while also presenting potential solutions that could stabilize food supply at a local and global level.

Food fix

how to save our health, our economy, our communities, and our planet--one bite at a time

The impact of food and farming

"Modern farming allows us to buy almost any kind of food at any time of the year. But this convenience comes at a cost. This . . . book shows how we can farm and grow food without harming the planet. Case studies show how scientists are investigating ways to prevent the problems modern farming creates, including pollution from chemicals used for growing crops, clear cutting of rainforests to makespace for grazing and farmland, and contributing to climate change by breeding more and more livestock. Useful suggestions encourage readers to find ways to reduce their food waste and packaging"--Provided by publisher.

Food shortages

Middle school readers will discover all the challenges in food and water production that humans face today, and learn about global efforts to battle the threat of food shortages.

Foods for the future

"The year is 2052. A group of young chefs is hoping to make new breakthroughs in the world of sustainable foods. They are a part of an international online cooking community called The Flavorium. Each dish they make uses eco-friendly (and sometimes gross!) ingredients. The results aren't always pretty, but The Flavorium is determined to create a sustainable future. They will do anything--and eat anything--to solve global environmental issues"--Provided by publisher.

Making food choices

Outlines the importance of making healthy, well-balanced food choices and discusses how to choose a wide variety of nutritional foods when shopping. Includes full-color photographs, a glossary, and further reading sources.
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The omnivore's dilemma

the secrets behind what you eat
This young readers adaptation of Pollan's famous food-chain exploration encourages kids to consider the personal and global health implications of their food choices.


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