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This is Monet

Claude Monet is best known as a leader of the Impressionists, his paintings defining the style that triggered a revolution in art.


"Two years have passed since the event of Mermaid Project, and Romane and Brahim have paid the price of their courage and integrity. Ignored, even censored, by their superiors, they're now reduced to taking lousy private eye jobs to earn a living. Meanwhile, though, the same cetaceans whose advanced intelligence the UN had refused to believe in are attacking fishing trawlers . . . with rockets! Before long, the authorities ask our two investigators to take their old jobs back . . ."--Amazon.

I die by this country

"This novel, focusing on the lives of two sisters, tells of the difficult integration of an Algerian family into French society in the years immediately following Algerian independence. Its intimate view of family life runs parallel to broader social and ethical concerns linked to France's relationship with its former colony." --.

How to find love in the little things

Julia Rimini has got a great job as a psychologist and when she met her fiance Marc seven years ago, she knew he was The One. But when Julia's father dies suddenly, her whole world begins to unravel. Marc turns distant and cold, leaving Julia to navigate her grief alone. Then she loses her grandmother, her beloved 'Maminou', too. Sleeping on her best friend's sofa and leafing through endless self-help books, Julia's not exactly where she hoped she'd be at thirty-two. Something has to give. She has to get out of Paris - and fast. Then, a lifeline. Julia accepts a job in a retirement home in Biarritz - her home town. She'll tell no one she's there, not even her mother or sister, despite them now being just round the corner. It's the best establishment in the area, boasting ocean views, sun-drenched days and Basque country living. It will be her refuge. Except Julia isn't the biggest fan of old people. Little does Julia know that this place is home to far more than just stooped backs, pureed vegetables and incontinence pants. Behind its double doors lie broken hearts, lifelong secrets, a budding romance or two and an unflinching zest for life. And Raphael, the grandson of the newest resident, isn't looking all bad, either ...

The librarian spy

a novel of World War II
"Posing as a librarian in Lisbon while working undercover as a spy gathering intelligence during WWII, Ava . . . connects with a woman who runs a printing press in occupied France through coded messages that bring hope in the face of war"--Provided by publisher.


your guide to France's pacy prodigy
"Follow the . . . rise of France's hot-shot striker, Kylian Mbapp?, from his breakthrough season in a young Monaco side and his goal in 2018's World Cup final to his big-money move to Paris Saint-Germain"--Back cover.

The librarian spy

a novel of World War II
World War II in Europe rages as librarian spies Ava and Elaine continue working for the Allies: the U.S. military brings Ava to Lisbon to pose as a librarian, but really to gather intelligence for them, while Elaine starts working for the Resistance in occupied France running a printing press the Nazis desperately want to shut down.

Beyond the lavender fields

As the whispers of revolution in Paris swirl around the port city of Marseille, Gilles Etienne, a clerk at the local soap factory, finds himself caught up in the furor for freedom. He and his friends soon plan to march to Paris to dethrone the monarchy, but everything changes when he meets Marie-Caroline Daubin, the beautiful daughter of the owner of the factory where he works. Marie-Caroline is a royalist, but the two begin to fall for one another even as they are on opposing sides. When Gilles catches Marie-Caroline in a dangerous secret that could cost her and her family their lives, and he starts to question the methods of his friends, the two soon find themselves in grave danger.

Amateur rebel

"French university student Andr? Jouret is fed up with the Nazi occupation of his country, so he teams up with friends Michel and Victoire to fight back, despite warnings from his father and school officials. Once they find themselves sabataging Nazi trucks and delivering secret, heavy packages, it looks like they may bei in over their heads. But is it too late?"--Back cover.

Marie Curie and radioactivity

"Marie Curie stunned the scientific world when her research uncovered two elements, polonium and radium. This accessible graphic biography gives readers a look at her collaborations with Pierre Curie, her medical work during World War I, and more"--OCLC.


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