Siddhartha undergoes a series of experiences in ancient India on a quest for the ultimate answer to the enigma of humanity's role in the world, and emerges in a state of peace and wisdom.

Abraham Lincoln

vampire hunter
Abraham Lincoln, having realized that his mother's death was caused by a vampire, embarks on a plan of revenge that takes him all the way to the White House.

Sarah's ground

In 1861, eighteen-year-old Sarah Tracy from New York state comes to work at Mount Vernon, the historic Virginia home of George Washington, where she tries to protect the safety and neutrality of the site during the Civil War, and where she encounters her future husband, Upton Herbert.

The black arrow

A young Englishman, seeking to avenge the death of his father, becomes involved in the band of the Black Arrow and the events of the War of the Roses.

The day of the jackal

The jackal is an Englishman who is a killer at the top of his profession, a man unknown to any secret service in the world, and an assassin with a contract to kill the world's most heavily guarded man.

The king's shadow

After he is orphaned and has his tongue cut out in a clash with the bullying sons of a Welsh noble, Evyn is sold as a slave and serves many masters, from the gracious Lady Swan Neck to the valiant Harold Godwinson, England's last Saxon king.

The Bounty trilogy

comprising the three volumes, Mutiny on the Bounty, Men against the sea & Pitcairn's island
Fictionalized account in three parts of the Mutiny on the Bounty and the lives of Captain Bligh and mutineer Fletcher Christian following the revolt.

I, Juan de Pareja

Juan de Pareja, a slave, and his master, Velazquez, the 17th century Spanish court painter, developed a relationship of friendship and equality.

The extraordinary adventures of Alfred Kropp

Through a series of dangerous and violent misadventures, teenage loser Alfred Kropp rescues King Arthur's legendary sword Excalibur from the forces of evil.

The serpent never sleeps

a novel of Jamestown and Pocahontas
In the early 17th century, Serena Lynn, determined to be with the man she has loved since childhood, travels to the New World where she meets John Smith.


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