Ward, Lindsay

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Vacation for Dexter!

"When Dexter learns that vacation plans include an airplane flight, he must overcome his fears to help comfort his best friend Jack"--OCLC.


stronger than steel
"A brave tractor farms for freedom in a story inspired by women who acted with courage and strength in American factories and on British farms during World War II"--Provided by publisher.

Please bring balloons

Emma finds a note tucked into the saddle of a carousel polar bear asking her to bring balloons, and soon she is off on an amazing adventure.

This book is gray

"Gray just wants to be included. But the other colors are always leaving him out. So he decides to create his own project: an all-gray book. Once upon a time, there lived a wolf, a kitten, and a hippo . . . Gray just knows it's going to be perfect. But as he adds page after page, the Primary and Secondary colors show up . . . and they aren't quite so complimentary. A book within a book, this colorful tale explores the ideas of fitting in, appreciating others, and looking at things from another perspective and also uses personality and wit to introduce basic color concepts"--OCLC.
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"This is the tale of the mighty Brobarians. Two warriors, once at peace....now at odds. Iggy the Brobarian has taken over the land. Can Otto the Big Brobarian win it back? Or maybe, with a little help, the two brothers can find peace again..."Dust jacket flap.
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Don't forget Dexter!

"When his best friend, Jack, leaves him behind at the doctor's office, Dexter T. Rexter panics. First he tries to find Jack. Then he sings their special song. Then he sings their special song even louder"--OCLC.
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When Blue met Egg

Blue returns to her nest on a winter's day and finds a surprise egg, but after she sets out to discover Egg's mother, the winter winds begin to die down and the temperature goes up, and Blue makes a sad discovery.
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