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adventure and adventurers

The Cardboard Kingdom

"It's winter break in the Cardboard Kingdom, and kids from the town across the park want to play together! But according to the evil Sorceress, not just anyone can join the kingdom... So it's not long before the two communities spiral into battle. Will the Sorceress realize the error of her ways before all hope is lost? Will friendship still manage to win the day?"--Provided by publisher.

Boruto: Naruto next generations

(Graphic novel)
"As the last remaining member of Kara, Code begins his plan for revenge against Boruto, Kawaki, and the others who took down Isshiki. His first move is to awaken an ally with a terrifying ability. Meanwhile, a determined Boruto has some plans of his own"--Back cover.

Star wars

rebels /(Graphic Novel)
"The crew of the Ghost dodge criminals, monsters, and the agents of the Galactic Empire as they cross the galaxy in search of aid for the young Rebel Alliance."--.

Part of your world

Five years after the infamous sea witch defeated the little mermaid, Ariel--now the voiceless queen of Atlantica--must confront Ursula to restore justice on both land and sea, find her father, and reclaim Prince Eric's affections.

You vs the world

the Bear Grylls guide to never giving up
"You vs the World: The Bear Grylls Guide to Never Giving Up retells Bear Grylls' most extreme adventures in a kid-friendly way. He shares the life lessons he's learned along the way, and how the skills needed to survive in the wild can be used in everyday life. From finding confidence to bouncing back from failure, Bear gives children the tools they need to survive and thrive in their own lives"--.

Lost legends of Nothing

"Reunited rebels Nathan, Haven, Sina and Bardou continue their journey to the Edge during which they discover that lost legends of the past may prevent two realms from tearing Nothing apart"--Provided by publisher.


a pig in time : an original graphic novel
To stop the future Green Gobbler from teaming up with his present-day counterpart and save New Yolk City, Spider-Ham joins forces with heroes from across time to foil the duo's dastardly plan.

Legend of the Star Dragon

One step closer to stopping the Shadow Dragon from blanketing the world with its sky-shadow, Drake and the rest of the Dragon Masters must learn how to play the Star Flute in order to summon the Star Dragon.


"After recovering from the dog attack she survived as an apprentice, Brightheart is once again a warrior of ThunderClan. But moons of battle and betrayal have left her with lingering suspicions about where her Clanmates' loyalties lie. So when freshkill starts going missing from camp, she fears the worst. Alongside her mate Cloudtail, Brightheart decides to investigate without alerting the other warriors. But as she struggles to track down the culprit, she'll have to take a leap of faith about who she can trust--and remember what it means to be part of a Clan"--Provided by publisher.

Cat's claw

"When a notorious band of ninjas discovers a certain Metro City hero wearing their colors and practicing their Kat Fu, their leader sets out to settle an old score. Plus, a nocturnal ninja flaps into town, Octopunch puts up his dukes (all eight of 'em!), Adonis plays hero, Master Hamster's creative kitchen repairs end with a scorching surprise, and our favorite frenemies-against-the-odds compete in the villainous Vroomin' Race!"--Amazon.


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