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Late lunch with llamas

"The magic tree house whisks Jack and Annie away to South America, where they must climb Machu Picchu to save a baby llama"--Provided by publisher.

Crown of feathers

"Veronyka, sixteen, leaves her controlling sister and disguises herself as a boy to join a secret group of warriors who ride phoenixes into battle"--Provided by publisher.

Smoke and mirrors

short fictions and illusions
A collection of short fiction stories by Neil Gaiman in which the main characters encounter gifts of magic and wonder.

The rewindable clock

"When Keisha James forgets to do her science homework, Locker 37 gifts her with a clock that can rewind time--how will she use her second (or third, or fourth) chances?"--OCLC.

The shadows of doom

"Ivy and Seb can't wait to go back to the uncommon world. But among new friends hide old enemies--and Lundinor's darkest secrets"--Back cover.

The deadly omens

"Ivy and her friends travel to Nubrook, the magical trading city under New York to look for Valian's long-lost sister Rosie and put an end to the Dirge once and for all"--Provided by publisher.

Blood heir

"A fugitive princess with a deadly Affinity and a charismatic crime lord forge an unlikely alliance in order to save themselves, each other, and the kingdom"--Publisher.

Heidi Heckelbeck goes to camp!

Heidi is excited about spending two weeks with Lucy at Camp Dakota, but Lucy's friends from last year ignore Heidi and make her feel unwelcome, leading Heidi to cast a friendship spell on them.

Heidi Heckelbeck pool party!

"When Heidi's swim team, the Little Mermaids, want to raise money for new swim caps and goggles, Heidi helps with the perfect idea: They should throw a pool party! The temperature in Brewster has been hot, hot, hot, and all the kids in town are looking for a way to cool down. With the help of her team, friends, and a little magic, Heidi brings her pool party idea to life"--Amazon.

Heidi Heckelbeck for class president

"It's time for students to vote for class president at Brewster Elementary, and guess who is one of the three candidates, Heidi Heckelbeck! Now there are so many things Heidi needs to do to prepare for the election: She has to make posters. She has to give a speech. And hopefully along the way she will figure out what being class president really means. Does Heidi have the magic it takes to win the vote?"--Dust jacket.


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