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Was your stuff made like it's medieval times?

manufacturing technology then and now
"From windmills to wheelbarrows, medieval innovators helped develop or improve some important manufacturing technology we use today. The Middle Ages were crucial for the improvement of the spinning wheel, loom, printing press, and more! Discover how our stuff is still made like it's the medieval times"--Provided by publisher.

The scientific revolution

Explores how the development of new technologies in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, including theories about gravity and motion, the production of cheaper iron, and the invention of the steam engine, aided in the development of humankind. Includes teacher notes.

Prehistory and classical period

Explores how new technologies, including the cultivation of plants and animals, the use of fire, and the invention of writing, influenced the development of humankind from prehistoric times through the classical period. Includes teacher notes.

On Aristotle

saving politics from philosophy
Examines Aristotle whose writing has helped shape over two thousand years of Western Philosophy, science, and religion. Also includes a chronology of his life and key excerpts from his works Politics and Nicomachean Ethics.

The totally gross history of ancient Mesoamerica

Text and illustrations introduce readers to the kinds of entertainment, diet, and medicine of ancient Mesoamerica that could be considered "gross" today.

Medieval people

An account of the lives of six individuals who lived during the Middle Ages: a Frankish peasant; Marco Polo; Madame Eglentyne; a middle class Parisian housewife; and, two English merchants.


& The second shepherd's play
Presents the text of the medieval play "Everyman," the story of a man who must face final judgment on the strength of his good deeds; and includes "The Second Shepherd's Play," another mortality play.


noble warrior of England, 1200-1600
Chronicles the history and evolution of the English medieval knight over the course of four centuries, providing insights into what the lives of knights were really like.

Do we build like it's medieval times?

construction technology then and now
"From cranes to castles, medieval innovators helped develop and improve some important construction technology we use today. The Middle Ages were crucial for the development of technologies such as the chimney, central heating, the flying buttress, and more! Discover how we still build like we're in medieval times with interesting historical facts, scientific details, and illuminating photos"--Provided by the publisher.


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