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Tom Holland

acting superstar
"Explores the life and career of actor Tom Holland. Learn about Holland's childhood, family, and career, including how he got his start and his rise to fame"--Provided by publisher.

The last queen

Elizabeth II's seventy year battle to save the House of Windsor
"[Explores] how the Windsors have evolved and thrived, as the modern world has changed around them"--Jacket flap.

All about Stephen Hawking

"[A biography of Stephen Hawking who was] diagnosed with ALS at the age of twenty-one . . . [but] overcame that challenge to become an expert on the origin of the universe and black holes"--Back cover.

Death at the South Pole!

Antarctica, 1911-1912
"Blowing snow and frigid temperatures were no match for even the bravest explorers. Robert Falcon Scott led his men to their death amidst the frozen landscape near the South Pole in 1912. Follow along with the true story of a doomed expedition to uncharted land. Then, review what you've learned with a recap timeline and a quick quiz to check how much doomed history you remember"--Provided by publisher.

West with the night

Memoirs of Beryl Markham, who grew up in East Africa, became a bush pilot in Africa, and, in 1936, made the first solo flight East to West across the Atlantic.

What's a germ, Joseph Lister?

the medical mystery that forever changed the way we heal
This engrossing, timely, and highly illustrated biography of the father of modern surgery reveals the shocking practices of surgeons before Joseph Lister proved where infections come from. In 1841, a quiet, curious boy who stuttered when nervous committed to becoming a surgeon--a profession then more feared than respected. Through study, persistence, and careful research, Joseph Lister proved that unsanitary conditions contribute to infections. Despite others scoffing at his ideas, Lister slowly changed the way all surgeons work, saving countless lives. Sibert Honor-winner Lori Alexander's accessible and lively biography of Lister contains fun--and sometimes gory--facts about the history of science and engaging illustrations by Daniel Duncan.

Slade House

"Down the road from a working-class pub, along a narrow brick alley, you just might find the entrance to Slade House. A stranger will greet you by name and invite you inside. At first you won't want to leave. Later, you'll find that you can't. Every nine years, the residents of Slade House extend an invitation to someone who's different or lonely: a precocious teenager, a recently divorces policeman, a shy college student. But what really goes on inside? For those who find out, it's already too late.... "--Back cover.

Churchill's shadow

the life and afterlife of Winston Churchill
"This . . . book takes on Churchill in his entirety, separating the man from the myth that he . . . cultivated, and scrutinizing his legacy on both sides of the Atlantic. In . . . prose, . . . [the author] illuminates key moments and controversies in Churchill's career--from the tragedy of Gallipoli, to his . . . imperialist and racist attitudes, dealings with Ireland, support for Zionism, and complicated engagement with European integration. Charting the evolution and appropriation of Churchill's reputation through to the present day, [this book] . . . renders the nuance and complexity of this giant of modern politics"--Provided by publisher.

Stephen Hawking

the man, the genius, and the theory of everything
"Physicist Stephen Hawking was a scientist for the modern age. He is as renowned for his theories on time and space as he is for his unique life story. Undeterred by a debilitating illness, he trained his mind to work in a new way to become the leading light in modern science. This . . . researched biography tells Hawking's story, highlighting his scientific breakthroughs and how, despite his struggle with a degenerative condition, he became . . . [a] celebrated and inspiring scientist of his generation"--Provided by publisher.

Mud, sweat, and tears

the autobiography
The star of the survival series "Man Vs. Wild" recounts his adventurous life, from his experiences with mountaineering and martial arts to the free-fall parachuting accident in Africa that almost left him paralyzed.


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