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mystery and detective stories

Lies like wildfire

When Hannah and her best friends accidentally spark an enormous and deadly wildfire, their instinct is to lie, but as the blaze roars through their rural town, Hannah's friends begin to crack and one ends up missing.

Hermosa eternidad

"In 19th century New Orleans, Celine, a dressmaker from Paris, becomes embroiled in a murder mystery that's connected to a glamorous supernatural cohort"--Provided by publisher.

In the study with the wrench

"In the aftermath of Headmaster Boddy's murder, Blackbrook Academy has been thrown into complete disarray. Half of the student body hasn't bothered to return to campus--but those who have include Orchid, Vaughn, Scarlett, Peacock, Plum, and Mustard, now warily referred to by the other students as the Murder Crew. When another staff member is found dead and an anonymous threat begins to target the group, each of the teen's opportunistic reasons for sticking around come to light"--Provided by publisher.

A good girl's guide to murder

"As her senior capstone project, Pippa Fitz-Amobi is determined to find the real killer in a closed, local murder case, but not everyone wants her meddling in the past"--Provided by publisher.

One of us is back

A member of the Bayview Crew disappears and everyone feels like they could be next, but the situation suddenly worsens when someone unexpectedly returns to Bayview.

The Agathas

"Alice Ogilvie's disappearance last summer is the biggest scandal at Castle Cove High School--until her ex-boyfriend is accused of murdering his new girlfriend, and Alice must pair up with her tutor Iris Adams to clear his name by relying on the wisdom of Agatha Christie"--OCLC.

Now entering Addamsville

"Zora Novak is framed for a crime she didn't commit--in a town obsessed with ghosts, will she be able to find the culprit and clear her name before it's too late?"--Provided by publisher.

Danger on the Botsburg Express

Joe and Rob, the two goofy robots from outer space who send videos to Earth, solve a train ride mystery on the Botsburg Express.

The case of the hat burglar

"Someone's been stealing from the Lost and Found. But the strangest part of this mystery is what they've been stealing. Not mittens or books or water bottles--only hats! Just when Jigsaw comes up with a plan to catch this Hat Burglar in the act, the mystery thief strikes again, right under his nose! Will this be the first cast Jigsaw and Mia can't solve?"--Dust jacket.

The Amazon

A research trip to the Amazon rainforest turns into a dangerous mystery when Ring and Asia Wilde's scientist mother goes missing, and in order to rescue her, they must use their skills to survive the jungle.


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