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While spending the summer with his extended family in New Jersey, Derek finds a team he can play baseball with and earns money to take his best friend to a Yankees game.

Rocket says clean up!

"While visiting her grandparents, who run whale-watching tours in Jamaica, Rocket sees first-hand how plastic is harming ocean creatures, and organizes a crew to clean up the local beach"--OCLC.

Summer in Savannah

"It's summertime! Ana and Andrew travel to visit their grandparents in Savannah, Georgia. While they are there, they learn that Grandma and Grandpa's church was built by slaves. With some help from an unusal source!"--Back cover.

Coop knows the scoop

Thirteen-year-olds Cooper Goodman and Justice and Liberty Gordon investigate the eccentric residents of Windy Bottom, Georgia, after the remains of Coop's long-missing grandmother are uncovered and his Gramps is the prime suspect.

The true definition of Neva Beane

Twelve-year-old Neva and her older brother Clayton have been left with their grandparents for the summer, and she is having a difficult time dealing with change: the changes to her body, changes with her relationships with her brother who is becoming involved with social activism and their multicultural community (and with Michelle, the sexy girl across the street), and with her best friend, Jamila, whose father is from Ghana--Neva is growing up and she is not sure that the dictionary has the right words to describe everything she is experiencing.

Happy Hanukkah!

"Peppa and George are at their grandparents' house when they smell something yummy coming from the kitchen. That something yummy is a potato pancake--and they're about to eat it for Hanukkah"--Publisher marketing.

Caterpillar summer

Since her father's death, Cat has taken care of her brother, Chicken, for their hardworking mother but while spending time with grandparents they never knew, Cat has the chance to be a child again.

The lost fairy tales

When eleven-year-old Tilly Pages joins Oskar and his family on a Christmas trip to Paris, she and her friend bookwander into the land of fairy tales, where someone--or something--is causing chaos.

The bookwanderers

Eleven-year-old Tilly Pages, who has found comfort in her grandparents' bookshop since her mother's disappearance, now learns that she can bookwander into any stories, and decides to seek her mother.

Charlie & Frog

a mystery
While staying with his grandparents in Castle-on-the-Hudson, Charlie stumbles upon a mystery but must learn American Sign Language to keep up with Frog, a deaf girl who wants to help solve it.


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