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juvenile fiction

The lost slipper

"Millie and the Ballet Bunnies are going to see Cinderella for the very first time! The bunnies hope to secretly watch the ballet after the lights dim. but when they wander backstage, something magical happens! with the help of a mysterious ballerina, this will be a night tha the bunnies and Millie, will never forget!"--Provided by publisher.

Ballerina birthday

The Ballet Bunnies want to celebrate Millie's birthday and sneak into her bag when she leaves for home, where they hide behind chairs and tables as they watch the celebration.

Let's dance

"It's Millie's first dance recital and the Ballet Bunnies help her get over her nerves and learn all the right steps"--Provided by publisher.


basado en una historia (parcialmente) real
A small but plucky mouse named Mike is sure that he can help the Space Shuttle astronauts, and ends up saving the whole mission. Includes facts about NASA and space travel.

Unicorn Club

"Amy starts a unicorn fan club which soon attracts some unusual members"--OCLC.

Ready to play!

"Hiro and Baymax help Merida and Jasmine rescue Aladdin from the clutches of Zurg, who plans to use Aladdin's magic lamp"--OCLC.

Cinderella's best creations

"In 'Cinderella's Best Creations,' Cinderella makes dresses for the girls in the village for the harvest festival; and in 'Snow White and the Three Giants,' Snow White encounters three very friendly giants"--OCLC.

Mickey saves Santa

Santa is stuck in his sleigh and Mickey Mouse and friends are the only ones who can save Christmas, but their plane runs out of gas before they reach the North Pole. Includes twenty-five stickers and two paper punch-outs.

Belle's friendship invention

In "Belle's Friendship Invention," she meets Simone, an inventor, and in "Tiana's Friendship Fix-up," Tiana and Charlotte try to spend time together but find their interests don't match.

The Po who cried ghost

Master Shifu thinks Po is being silly when says he discovershopping ghosts at a cemetery, but when Shifu gets turned into a ghost, Po must come to his rescue.


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