Little Robin's fighting hood

After a warning from Alfred to keep a low profile, Robin sets off to make an important delivery to Batman on the other side of Gotham City. But on the way, Robin has a run-in with the big bad Catwoman! She's very interested in the package he's so carefully protecting, and as the Boy Wonder hurries away, the cat burglar races after him. When Robin finally arrives at his destination, he's relieved to see Batman's familiar pointy-eared shadow. But is it really his crime-fighting partner or an enemy in disguise?.

What is the story of Batman?

Describes the history of the Batman character, discussing its creation, development, popularity, and future. Includes black-and-white illustrations, sidebars, and a bibliography.

Kingdom come

In a grim alternate universe, Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, and many other heroes must choose sides as an ultimate battle confronts them all.


"A crack splits the sky above Gotham City--a tear in reality itself. This rift pulls the Dark Knight into a bizarre and unfamiliar world, with no memory of who he is or where he came from--Batman has been drawn into Fortnite! As he fights to recall his past and escape an endless loop of chaos and struggle, he'll come face-to-face with the likes of Renegade Raider, Fishstick, Bandolier, and more. While the world's greatest detective strives to make sense of this strange new world, he'll uncover the shocking truth about the Island, what lies beyond the Loop, and how everything is connected to the mysterious Zero Point"--Provided by publisher.


After nine-year-old Bruce Wainwright, who is obsessed with Batman comics, loses his parents to a violent crime, he is sent to a private boarding school where he battles grief, rage, and revenge. Then a bat-like creature brings justice to his parents' killers, and proceeds to follow Bruce throughout the years. While Bruce wonders if this creature is good or evil, his long-repressed rage threatens to explode and destroy him and the city of Boston.

Bad guy blizzard

Batman fights to keep Gotham safe as the Penguin takes over the zoo, Mr. Freeze teams up with Captain Cold, and the Joker opens a school for clowns.

The man behind the mask

When Bruce Wayne catches up with the man who murdered his parents many years earlier, he chases the crook on his own while relating the story of how he became Batman.

The ice cream caper

When the penguins go missing from the zoo, Batman's crime-fighting canine Ace the Bat-Hound is on the case. Only his nose can solve the Ice Cream Caper.

Dark Knight dilemma!

Batman has gone missing, leaving Superman to guard Gotham City while Wonder Woman searches outer space for the Dark Knight and the reason why he disappeared.

Batman, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles adventures

Batman and Robin team up with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to protect New York City from the villains determined to wreak havoc on the citizens. The superheroes have their work cut out for them when the Joker, Harley Quinn, and Shredder join forces to unleash their evil plans.


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