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Saving Fortress City

an unofficial graphic novel for Minecrafters
"Pell, Logan, and Maddy join Uncle Colin's secret rebel society as junior insurgents. At first, they are happy to take down the system that failed them and kept them back, but when they receive intelligence of a dangerous presence in the center of Obsidian, they are faced with a decision: save the city or let it be destroyed. Against Uncle Colin's advice, the kids plot to sneak into the impenetrable heart of Obsidian to remove the danger, risking everything to save the city that turned them away"--Provided by publisher.

Cici, un cuento de hada

"Cici is looking forward to camping with her dad and her friend Kendra. But thanks to a forest sprite, nothing goes as planned! Can Cici come to see the magic in surprises? . . ."--Provided by publisher.

The unwanted

stories of the Syrian refugees
"Don Brown depicts moments of both heartbreaking horror and hope in the ongoing Syrian refugee crisis"

Sugar Falls

a residential school story
"A school assignment to interview a residential school survivor leads Daniel to Betsy, his friend's grandmother, who tells him her story. Abandoned as a young child, Betsy was soon adopted into a loving family. A few short years later, at the age of 8, everything changed. Betsy was taken away to a residential school. There she was forced to endure abuse and indignity, but Betsy recalled the words her father spoke to her at Sugar Falls--words that gave her the resilience, strength, and determination to survive"--Provided by publisher.


"All the players on the court give everything they've got to the game. The Black Jackals vs. Adlers match finally comes to a conclusion! Can Hinata dig one of Ushijima's nastiest spikes? What of his competition with Kageyama?! This monumental masterpiece of a volleyball manga comes thundering to a close"--Back cover.

Suee and the shadow

Twelve-year-old Suee Lee dresses all in black and has no friends--just the way she likes it. Transferring to the dim, boring Outskirts Elementary, Suee suddenly hears a strange voice speaking to her from the school's exhibit room. Then, her shadow comes to life, something dark and sinister which puts Suee and her classmates in trouble.


Presents a graphic novel adaptation of Bram Stoker's "Dracula," in which Jonathan Harker and his friends discover the true nature of the mysterious Count Dracula and try to stop him.

Dusty Dabbert

"Dusty Dabbert, the 'Dutch Asterix,' travels through the countryside, helping those he meets with his magical knapsack. When he discovers a hidden world of talking animals, Dusty is charmed by their peaceful life--until human intruders try to capture the animals for food and a circus act. Can Dusty rescue his new friends or will he, too, become a prisoner of the evil Carl Craven?"--Back cover.

Cici's journal

Cici, being a future writer, always knows where to look to find the clues she needs to get people to open up their hearts--but even Cici, who may be good at helping others, has problems of her own, painful secrets buried in her heart. Her mom and friends want to help Cici heal, so they take her on a trip to a mysterious mansion, on a treasure hunt, and to a beach where an epic fight breaks out, which may help Cici open up at last.

Shirley and Jamila save their summer

Jamila Waheed is looking at a lonely summer after she moves into a new neighborhood until she meets Shirley Bones, and the two become unlikely friends. A boy named Oliver shows up asking for Shirley's help to find his gecko who Oliver believes was kidnapped, and Jamila discovers that Shirley is the neighborhood's kid detective. But when the case puts their friendship to the test, the girls have to put their reservations aside to track down the missing gecko.


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