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A pretty implausible premise

Connected by experiences only they understand, teens Hattie and Presley fall into a whirlwind romance, but when the unrelenting trauma that haunts them jeopardizes their relationship, they must find a way to overcome their losses without losing each other.

Pride and prejudice and Pittsburgh

When disheartened Pittsburgh teen Audrey transports back to 1812 England, she expects to find love as a Regency romance heroine, but surprisingly sparks fly when she meets Lucy Sinclair.

Who takes care of you?

Celebrates all the ways a young child is cared for by mothers, fathers, grandparents, aunts, and uncles.

As if on cue

It seems that aspiring playwright Natalie and musician Reid have been in competition all their young lives, but when they are forced to compete for scarce school budget dollars they embark on an all-out prank war which backfires; now they are forced to cooperate, pool their talents and ambitions to produce a school musical--and not only is cooperation an unfamiliar role, but they are suddenly starting to have feelings for each other.

Alas salvajes

When a hurricane exposes Soleida's family's secret sculpture garden, the Cuban government arrests her artist parents, forcing her to escape alone to Central America where she meets Dariel, a Cuban American boy, and together they work to protect the environment and bring attention to the imprisoned artists in Cuba.

Wish of the wicked

For centuries, Farrow's family served as magical advisors to the Queen, keeping the thirteen Queendoms in harmony. That is, until a new queen outlaws their magic. She executes Farrow's family, and Farrow is the only survivor, with her magic warped beyond repair. She now can only grant the feeble wishes of commoners. Since that day, she has wanted revenge on the queen. When the queen's son, Prince Mather, reaches the age where he must chose a bride, and the queen holds a ball in his honor, Farrow sees her opportunity for revenge. All she needs is a young woman named Cinderella, who dreams of true love, to help her use her magic and destroy the queen.

Midnight at the Houdini

Anna enters a surreal hotel where no one ever leaves, and when the clock strikes midnight, she will be trapped there forever, unless she decides to break all her rules to break free from its magic.

A bright heart

When sixteen-year-old Migshin wakes up two years before her murder, she seeks to prevent all the horrors she unwittingly set in motion, but the timeline has changed, forcing her to use her intellect and wit to ensure the wrong man does not once again become king.

Kismat connection

Determined to prove her star chart wrong, Madhuri convinces her childhood best friend Arjun to take part in a relationship experiment, but when real feelings come to the surface, she must decide if charting her own destiny is worth breaking both their hearts.


Emmett Woodhouse, handsome, clever and rich, with a comfortable home and happy disposition seemed to unite some of the best blessings of existence and had lived nearly eighteen years in the world with very little to distress or vex him. Emmett knows he?s blessed. And because of that, he tries to give back: from charity work to letting the often irritating Georgia sit at his table at lunch, he knows it?s important to be nice. And recently, he?s found a new way of giving back: matchmaking. He set up his best friend Taylor with her new boyfriend and it?s gone perfectly. So when his occasional friend-with-benefits Harrison starts saying he wants a boyfriend (something Emmett definitely does NOT want to be), he decides to try and find Harrison the perfect man at Highbury Academy. Emmett?s childhood friend, Miles, thinks finding a boyfriend for a guy you sleep with is a bad idea. But Miles is straight, and Emmett says this is gay life ? your friends, your lovers, your boyfriends ? they all come from the same very small pool. That?s why Emmett doesn?t date ? to keep things clean. He knows the human brain isn?t done developing until twenty-five, so any relationship he enters into before then would inevitably end in a breakup, in loss. And he?s seen what loss can do. His mother died four years ago and his Dad hasn?t been the same since. But the lines Emmett tries to draw are more porous than he thinks, and as he tries to find Harrison the perfect match, he learns that gifted as he may be, maybe he has no idea what he?s doing when it comes to love. Modern and very gay, with a charmingly conceited lead who is convinced he knows it all, and the occasional reference to the classic movie Clueless, Emmett brings you lush romance all while exploring the complexities of queer culture?where your lovers and friends are sometimes the same person, but the person you fall in love with might be a total surprise.


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