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My sister, the cat

Human boy Nekota is adopted into a family of anthropomorphic cats and though his life is weird, he is loved unconditionally by his younger sister Neneko.

The sea in you

While picking up trash at the beach, goth girl Corinth falls under the spell of Skylla, the deadly fanged mermaid. Turns out, mermaids actually eat people, but Skylla is young and becomes enchanted by Corinth and her life on land. The two begin a tentative friendship that turns into something more as they find ways to communicate to one another--but hate from both Skylla's people and Corinth's jealous boyfriend threaten their relationship.

Polar bear caf?

In a cafe run by a pun-loving polar bear, an eccentric mix of clients, including a love-struck zookeeper and a zoo-weary panda, keep the host on his toes in all seasons of the year.

Seraph of the end

vampire reign
Yuichiro and his friends get help from Guren, but Guren has his own secrets that he will protect at any cost. Meanwhile, Kureto fights in Shibuya against his own father to take over the Demon Army.


As Karasuno takes on Kamomedai, Hinata struggles with Kamomedia's tough blocking. When the coach realizes Hinata isn't himself, he discovers Hinata has a fever and must pull him from the game.

The seven deadly sins

The Demon Lord has returned, and he has possessed Melidoa's brother, Zeldris. In order to save Zeldris, Melioda and Elizabeth travel to Lake Salisbury to combat the evil Demon Lord. But The Seven Deadly Sins are in for the fight of their lives as an army of Indura marches toward Britannia.

The seven deadly sins

Finally, the Seven Deadly Sins are back together once more, and they are ready to take down the evil Demon Lord. As The Sins fight the Demon Lord's physical body, and Meliodas and Gowther enter his mind-scape in order to free Zeldris. And as a result, Meliodas must trust an unlikely ally in order to succeed. Also, Escanor takes on his strongest form to protect his friends, but he soon discovers that the power may be too much for his real body to handle.


Hinata graduates high school and sets out for Brazil to learn beach volleyball an dhow to control his strength. Once there, he earns the nickname "Ninja Shoyo," and soon is approached by a new player named Heitor, who hopes Hinata will team up with him to win his next match and convince his sponsors to stick around.


Hinata is determined to learn something from the participants in the Miyagi Prefecture Rookie Camp even though he is just a ball boy. Meanwhile, Kageyama is worried about his interactions with his teammates. Then, in preparation for the Spring Tournament, Date Tech arrives at Karasuno for a practice game.


Yaku is removed from the court due to injury, leaving Nekoma without a defensive ace. But Kuroo insists they have a chance at grabbing the last slot in the Spring Tournament anyway.


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