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mexico city (mexico)

My Mexico City kitchen

recipes and convictions
Chef Gabriela C?mara chronicles her childhood as the daughter of an Italian mother and Mexican father and how she came to her love of food. She describes what she considers the heart of Mexican cuisine, what food means to the people, and how traditional fare is created. Here, she presents some of her most popular Mexican recipes with a focus on sustainable foods.

How STEM built the Aztec Empire

"The archaeological evidence of Tenochtitlan isn't just impressive from a historical perspective, it is also remarkable from a STEM standpoint, too. After all, it reveals one . . . fact about the Aztecs: they were an . . . advanced civilization who utilized many science, math, technology, and engineering practices in the construction of their metropolis. This fact is made evident by the . . . structures, artwork, and artifacts that this long-lost people left behind deep underneath present-day Mexico City. Throughout this text, we'll be exploring some of the achievements of the Aztecs and how this people who lived some 500 years ago was able to use . . . STEM skills to build one of the grandest cities in the Americas--and the world--at that time"--Provided by publisher.

Treasures in heaven

a novel
In the late nineteenth century, a woman named Estela moves with her young son to Mexico City to be close to her married lover and soon meets a mysterious and powerful woman who involves her in the beginnings of a social revolution.
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