Make way

the story of Robert McCloskey, Nancy Sch?n, and some very famous ducklings
A biography that follows the lives of Robert McCloskey, creator of 'Make Way for Ducklings,' and sculptor Nancy Sch?n, whose famous bronze ducks grace Boston Public Garden.

Mr. McCloskey's marvelous mallards

the making of Make way for ducklings
"While writing and illustrating the beloved picture book Make Way for Ducklings, Robert McCloskey brings a flock of ducklings into his tiny New York City apartment. But an artist + a bunch of ducklings in his apartment = chaos! There are ducklings in the bathtub and ducklings in the kitchen, quacking at dawn and sitting on his desk. Can he learn to draw them just right before they grow too big? This glimpse into the creation of a much-loved story for kids is a must-read for fans of children's books, or for anyone who is interested in the creative process and the importance of persistence"--Provided by the publisher.

Beginning to pray

Enchanting in its simplicity, book offers practical guidelines for personal prayer life. In exemplary way author prepares the reader for establishing a live personal contact with God through prayer. His rich background (Archbishop Bloom is an Orthodox Archbishop) combined with previous life experiences (surgeon physician during the time of II World War) offers astonishing depth combined with life applicable illustrations of the process of building of personal prayer life.

That new animal

and more stories about the new baby
Four beautifully adapted stories that encourage a love of reading for the pre- or early reader.
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