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What is Black Lives Matter?

"Tells the history of a political and social movement that advocates for non-violent civil disobedience and protests against incidents of police brutality--and all racially motivated violence--against Black people"--Provided by publisher.

Reparations for slavery

"This book explores the issue of whether the government should pay reparations for slavery. It examines what those reparations might look like, and how they might change the lives of eligible Black Americans" -- Back cover.

Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr

Presents the biographies of Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr, including their duel, childhoods, service in the American Revolution, and political careers.

Slavery and the Civil War

rooted in racism
"The Civil War began after eleven southern states seceded in order to keep slavery. Discover how enslaved people experienced the war, from serving on the front lines to glimpsing and winning freedom"--.

Weird science

"The military can be weird. Did you know they train dolphins? Or that sometimes instead of guns, the military uses chemicals during war? Readers will explore the science behind the military and some of the equipment and strategies used"--Provided by publisher.

Jim Crow

segregation and the legacy of slavery
"Even after the institution of slavery became illegal, the legacy of slavery continued through injustices created by the Jim Crow laws. Learn more about these discriminatory laws that have shaped America's past and present"--Provided by publisher.

Family style

memories of an American from Vietnam
Originally posted on Instagram, this young adult graphic novel details the author's childhood immigration to America with his family, through the lens of particularly meaningful food and meals. Thien's first memory isn't a sight or a sound. It's the sweetness of watermelon and the saltiness of fish. It's the taste of the foods he ate while adrift at sea as his family fled Vietnam. After the Pham family arrives at a refugee camp in Thailand, they struggle to survive. Things don't get much easier once they resettle in California. And through each chapter of their lives, food takes on a new meaning. Strawberries come to signify struggle as Thien's mom and dad look for work. Potato chips are an indulgence that bring Thien so much joy that they become a necessity. Behind every cut of steak and inside every croissant lies a story. And for Thien Pham, that story is about a search--for belonging, for happiness, for the American dream.

Grandmama's pride

While on a trip in 1956 to visit her grandmother in the South, six-year-old Sarah Marie experiences segregation for the first time, but discovers that things have changed by the time she returns the following year.

Native American treatment and resistance

". . . [Examines] the push by European settlers and the federal government . . . westward, and its effects on indigenous peoples. Through primary source historical images and the . . . narrative of broken treaties, relocations, and armed conflict, it brings the inspiring resistance and fight for self-determination of Native Americans into the hands of your readers. . . . Also contextualizes these struggles with modern ones, including the American Indian Movement and ongoing tribal anti-pipeline protests"--Amazon.

The Star-spangled banner

Contains narratives and activities, including crosswords, mapping, and comprehension questions, that teach students in fourth through eighth grade about "The Star-Spangled Banner.".


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