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Maisy goes on a nature walk

Maisy is packed up and ready to go on a nature walk. Everyone is excited when her friends meet up at the park entrance. They're surprised at how many plants and animals live at the pond.

Maisy's Chinese New Year

"Spending Chinese New Year with her friend Tiger, Maisy learns about traditional symbols, shares a delicious cultural feast and exchanges lucky red hongbao envelopes before listening to a story about the holiday and staying up late to watch a fireworks display"--OCLC.

Maisy gets a pet

"Maisy is getting her very own pet! Join Maisy as she learns how to be a good pet owner, from being patient and gentle to vet visits and playtime"--OCLC.

Maisy goes to the city

Maisy and Charley visit their friend Dotty, who lives in a big city filled with noisy traffic, enormous buildings, and crowded sidewalks.

Maisy goes on vacation

Maisy gathers together everything she needs for a fun trip to the seashore with her friends Panda and Cyril.

Maisy plays soccer

"Maisy and her friends can't wait to play soccer! Maisy puts on her uniform, laces up her sneakers, and heads to the field. Charlie, Tallulah, and Dotty are on the blue team, while Maisy, Cyril, and Eddie are on the red. Let's play! Soon enough the game heats up, with plenty of action, excitement, and suspense. Who will be the first team to make a goal?"--From publisher's web site.

Maisy learns to swim

Maisy the mouse and her friends take a swimming lesson.
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Maisy goes to the local bookstore

Tag along with Maisy as she visits the local bookstore with her friends.
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Maisy goes on a plane

"Maisy is off on a journey to see her friend Ella, but Ella lives such a long way away. Maisy must go by plane and what an exciting trip it is! As she makes her way through security and steps on board, Maisy peeks in at the captain: what a lot of lights and buttons it takes to make a plane go! Maisy soon makes friends with Mr. Percy and Betsy; and after drinks, magazines and a tricky toilet stop, the journey is over in no time!"--OCLC.
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Maisy goes to a wedding

"Penguin and Ostrich are getting married, and Maisy and her friends are invited to the wedding! There are beautiful flowers, lots of good food, and music at the celebration. After Penguin and Ostrich say their vows, everyone throws confetti. Then it's time to party! Going to a wedding is fun, and it's even more fun with Maisy!"--Jacket flap.
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