readers (elementary)

readers (elementary)

G force

Rising star Eddie Stewart is on the starting grid of the Indianapolis 500, but a mysterious series of dangerous crashes threatens to end Eddie's dream of winning at Indy before it even begins.

Cuddly rabbits

Provides information about rabbits to young pet owners, discussing rabbit cages, food, and behavior.

Colorful goldfish

Simple text and photographs describe the physical characteristics and behaviors of a goldfish.

Foxes in the dark

A photographic introduction to foxes, discussing what they look like, how they hunt, where they live, their babies, and other related topics.

Some pigtails

Lola has a mind of her own and, with the help of Grandpa Ed and the support of her mother and friends, she learns how to use her determination to right a wrong at school.

Score for imagination

Lola and her friends want to play soccer. The girls are not only good players, they're also strategic, and end up scoring for the team.

Can you make a pattern?

Simple text and illustrations introduce the concept of patterns and look at some of the patterns found in nature and fashion.

Lion pride!

The Kratt brothers activate their creature powers in this creative nonfiction book to introduce readers to lions and how they take care of their young.


Photographs and simple text introduce children to walruses that live in the world's oceans, describing their physical characteristics, behavior, eating habits, and predators.

Octopuses and squids

Discusses the various functions and parts of squids and octopuses, covering their feeding habits and use of ink and camouflage, and contains a glossary.


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