Search and rescue

A depiction of the 9/11 terrorist attacks against the Pentagon, alternating between a boy caught in the chaos and the rescue dog who's attempting to save him.

Women and children first

the sinking of the Titanic
The events surrounding the sinking of the Titanic did not look the same to everyone involved. Step back in time and into the shoes of a crewmember, a first-class passenger, and a steerage passenger as readers act out scenes that took place in the midst of this historic event.

Under the mountain

"Deep inside a mountain, people in NORAD work to defend against an attack from the skies. Why were they hiding under a mountain?"--Back cover.

Miami Dolphins

all-time greats
Chronicles the history of the Miami Dolphins football team, and profiles famous players. Includes color photographs, fact boxes, a timeline, a glossary, and additional resources.


in search of the men who fell to Earth
Chronicles the experiences of the twelve astronauts involved in the Apollo Moon landings, focusing on how each dealt with their fame after they returned to earth and what they thought about NASA's eventual decision not to return to the moon.

Freezing cold takes: NFL

football media's most inaccurate predictions -- and the fascinating stories behind them
"With this book, Segal focuses on the NFL, and provides a vast collection of poorly aged predictions and analysis from NFL media members and personalities about some of the most famous teams and players in the league's history"--Provided by publisher.

Houston Rockets

A history of the Houston Rockets basketball team, highlighting the games and players that have contributed to the team's success through the years.

Chicago Bulls

Gives readers an inside look at the Chicago Bulls basketball team, describing the team's history, uniforms, accomplishments, equipment, key players, coaches, and much more.

Ida Lewis guards the shore

courageous kid of the Atlantic
"Ida Lewis spent a lifetime on the water, starting when her family moved the island of Lime Rock in 1857 for her father's job as lighthouse keeper. By age 15, Ida was the best swimmer in Newport, Rhode Island. And when her father suffers a stroke, Ida herself takes over as keeper of the lighthouse. But guarding the shore also means guarding the water. And when Ida spots four local boys in danger on the water, she knows she must take action, the boys' lives depend on it"--Provided by publisher.


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