united states

united states

Spy school revolution

Superspy middle schooler Ben Ripley is faced with an impossible choice when he learns that fellow spy-in-training Erica Hale has been accused of bombing CIA headquarters. He doesn't believe Erica did it, but he's the only one in the CIA that does. To prove her innocence, Ben must track down a fabled colonial-era insurgent group called the Croatoan that's blackmailing Erica and bring them down. But this conspiracy is going to be hard to crack when no one has seen the group since the Revolutionary War.

The hidden history of guns and the Second Amendment

"Looks at the . . . history of guns in America and what we can do to limit both their lethal impact and the power of the gun lobby"--Provided by publisher.

Joseph Biden

our 46th president
"[An] illustrated biography discussing the childhood, career, family, and election of Joseph Biden, forty-sixth president of the United States"--Provided by publisher.

Navy careers

"From enlisted sailor to officer, full-time or reserve, joining the navy is a simple process. The harder part is choosing a career from the dozens of different options. This helpful book describes how each career in the navy works and what skills are required so you can see whether you could be a navy diver, a mass communication specialist, a craft crewman--or even a musician!"--Provided by publisher.

Undercover operations careers

"From forensic scientists and intelligence agents in the field to cyber action teams and counter-terror workers, this . . . book examines the kinds of work done by people in undercover operations. Special attention is given to the skills and education required to do these specialized, often secretive, jobs. Real life stories in this book about the diverse careers in special operations will help you picture whether one of these jobs is for you"--Provided by publisher.

Army careers

"Do you have the necessary skills to make you a candidate for a career in the army? This . . . book introduces you to the jobs armies do, what the recruiting process is like, and what it takes to make a successful 'foot soldier.' Profiles and real life stories of people who work in different positions in the army will help you picture whether one of these is the job for you"--Provided by publisher.

I am an American

the Wong Kim Ark story
"A timely and important picture book that introduces readers to Wong Kim Ark, who challenged the Supreme Court for his right to be an American citizen"--.

Uncovering a terrorist

Agent Ryan Dwyer and the case of the Portland bomb plot
Presents the story of the FBI's prevention of a Portland bombing by Mohamed Osman Mohamud and the work of Agent Ryan Dwyer, who ran the sting operation that brought Mohamud to justice.


a novel
"At the height of WWII, five idealistic young Americans receive a mysterious letter from the OSS, asking them if they are willing to fight for their country. The men and women from very different backgrounds . . . all answer the call of duty, but each for a secret reason of his or her own. They bond immediately, in a group code-named Dragonfly. Thus begins a . . . cat-and-mouse game, as the group seeks to stay under the radar until a fatal misstep leads to the capture and the firing-squad execution of one of their team. But ... is everything as it seems, or is this one more elaborate act of spycraft?"--OCLC.

The last American hero

the remarkable life of John Glenn
Shares the life of John Glenn, the first American to orbit the Earth.


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