mystery comic books, strips, etc

mystery comic books, strips, etc


a death in the family
When Jason Todd, aka Robin, discovers that the woman he believed was his mother was not his real mother, he goes looking for his birth mother. When he tracks her to the Middle East, he ends up tangled up in one of the Joker's schemes, and it will be a fatal mistake.

The Batman strikes!

Alfred to the rescue?!
Whether he is treating Bruce Wayne's injuries or helping to trap the Penguin, Alfred is also a hero.

Nancy Drew, girl detective

the new case files
When a supposedly real vampire shows up in River Heights, where it seems like all of the teenage girls are becoming fans of a series of vampire novels and movies, Nancy tries to expose him as a fake and winds up exposing a darker, more sinister plot.

Case closed

While on vacation with Rachel and Richard, Conan must try to discover who killed the patriarch of the wealthy Hatamoto family on board a cruise ship.

Case closed

Conan must try to find a vicious murderer whose face is covered in bandages, while his friends Rachel and Serena try to relax when they find a dead body in the karaoke box.

Case closed

Conan must face the Phantom Thief and figure out who it is, while an extramartial affair leads to a vicious murderer and his friends Rachel and Serena try to become super sleuths when they form the Junior Detective League.

Case closed

Conan sets out to solve the case of a cursed piano at the request of a pianist who has been dead for ten years. Then, a mysterious woman whom Conan has never seen before shows up claiming she is Jimmy's girlfriend.

Case closed

Conan Edogawa, a crime-solving teen who was dosed with a chemical that turned him physically into a first grader, continues his investigations, entering a contest to learn the true identity of the enigmatic Night Baron, and examining clues to discover who tried to kill his crush Rachel's high school teacher.

Case closed

A treasure hunt Doc Agasa sets up for Conan and the Junior Detective League becomes a mystery investigation when a box full of smashed toys and a violently stabbed teddy bear is found.

Case closed

During a summer visit to Serena's beach house, Conan witnesses a murder, but the culprit is one of three identical triplets, one of whom is Serena's sister's fiance, leaving Conan to wonder who the real killer is.


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