comic books, strips, etc

comic books, strips, etc

The only living boy

prisoner of the patchwork planet
If you were the onlly living boy on the planet, what would you do? When 12-year old Erik Farrell runs away from home, he finds himself without his memory, stranded on a patchwork planet with danger lurking around every corner. Now every day is a struggle to survive. Luckily, Erik quickly makes friends like Morgan, a mermaid warrior and Thea, a teenage princess from a mysterious insect race. He'll need their help to escape the Dreaded Lord Baalikar and the evil Doctor once and maybe, one day, find his way back home.



Science camp

"Dustin arrives at Camp Know Where to navigate the new social hierarchy without the support of his Hawkins adventuring party. While also faced with nerdy bullies, a new menace haunts the young scientists and camp counselors"--.

The art of Pok?mon adventures

Pok?mon Adventures 20th anniversary illustration book
"Artwork, sketches and a brand-new manga short story from the artist of the Pok?mon Adventures series inspired by the best-selling Pok?mon video games! A collection of ... full-color art from the Pok?mon Adventures graphic novel series! In addition to full-color illustrations of ... Pok?mon, this ... volume also includes exclusive sketches and storyboards, four fold-out pages and a brand-new manga side story published in English for the first time! Illustrations from the Adventures inspired by the best-selling video games!"--Amazon.

Wonder Cat Kyuu-chan

"There's more to this kitty than meets the eye! Kyuu-chan loves snacks, cuddles, and bow ties, but most of all loves Hinata, the young professional who adopted this mischievous wonder cat into his home. As the two adjust to life together, they discover that they have a lot to learn from each other." --Back cover.

Hello Kitty

"A day at the beach is more than than just fun in the sun. A mysterious egg holds a tiny secret. Mama and Papa have a few secrets of their own. And a quiet afternoon with a good book is more exciting than Hello Kitty ever could have imagined. Plus prepare to be amazed by Anatassia Neislotova's tales of wonder!"--Cover.

Baron the cat returns

"When awkward schoolgirl Haru rescues a cat on her way home from school one day, the last thing she expects in return is to be honored by a feline royal family! Before she knows what's happening to her, Haru is drawn into a world inhabited entirely by talking cats -- and recruited to be the next Cat Princess! Only the dapper cat Baron and his friends, a magical crow and a comical fat cat, along with a friend from Haru's past, can help her return home"--Cover.

How to be perfectly unhappy

"In How To Be Perfectly Unhappy, Inman explores the surprising benefits of forgetting about "happiness," and embracing instead the meaningful activities that keep us busy and interested and fascinated"-- From the publisher.

Maximum Ride

the manga 6
There is a rift in the flock and everyone must choose to follow Max and her team to Europe, or Fang and his crew as they head west.

Maximum Ride

the manga 8
Joining a scientific expedition gives Max and the flock a perfect opportunity to distance themselves from the heated debate over their future, but frostbite isn't the only danger in the Antarctic! A powerful figure in the underworld has promised the super-human kids to the highest bidder--and he has the robotic army to ensure the goods are delivered!.


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