Hero for the hungry

the life & work of Norman Borlaug
Shares the life and work of Norman Borlaug, the "Father of the Green Revolution".

The life and music of Elvis Presley

Text and illustrations look at the life and career of rock and roll star Elvis Presley.

Chadwick Boseman

acting superstar

Tom Holland

acting superstar
"Explores the life and career of actor Tom Holland. Learn about Holland's childhood, family, and career, including how he got his start and his rise to fame"--Provided by publisher.

We are explorers

extraordinary women who discovered the world
Profiles fourteen female explorers and their unique discoveries and journeys.

Threads of peace

how Mohandas Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. changed the world
"A look at the lives of Ghandi and Martin Luther King Jr. and how they were led to seek revolution through peace"--Provided by publisher.

This is not a cookbook

a chef's creative process from imagination to creation
"Chef Flynn McGarry, who at an early age discovered a passion for food and cooking, . . . shares his insights and explores the elements of creativity as he encourages young readers to mix passion, hard work, and their own unique perspective to achieve results that might just be life-changing"--Provided by publisher.

She's a mensch!

ten amazing Jewish women
"From the poorest neighborhoods in Kenya to the halls of the Canadian Supreme Court, the Jewish women found in these pages have accomplished remarkable feats. Some survived the horrors of the Holocaust while others had more peaceful childhoods, but all of them saw unfairness in their world and decided to do something about it"--Provided by publisher.

"Nice" Jewish girls

Presents an illustrated look at the lives of thirty-six Jewish women including Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Golda Meir, Sarah Silverman, and others.

World shakers

inspiring women activists
"There were rules that forced Muslim women athletes like Ibtihaj Muhammad to choose between competition and wearing hijab. There were laws that caused Indigenous women like Mary Two-Axe Earley to lose their official First Nations status when they married white men. When there was no law to prevent violence against women, Afghan politician Fawzia Koofi tried to pass one. All of the women here went against the rules, laws, and traditions that surrounded them. Sometimes, they used their voice, like disability rights activist Judy Heumann, and Alicia Garza, the co-founder of Black Lives Matter. Sometimes, they challenged the very way we see ourselves, like plus-size model Olakemi Obi. And sometimes, they led by example, like the STEM-loving Afghan Dreamers, and anti-apartheid politician Pregs Govender. These women, and the others you will find in this book, had the courage to shake the world and make it better for the women who will follow in their footsteps"--Provided by publisher.


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