action and adventure fiction

action and adventure fiction

Kingdom hearts

chain of memories : the novel
"Sora, Donald, and Goofy have defeated Ansem and restored the world. But beyond the dark door--a door that had to be closed--Riku and King Mickey remain. And so the trio sets off again on a journey to find Riku and the king. As they progress through Castle Oblivion and encounter agents from the mysterious Organization XIII on the way, Sora and his friends begin losing their memories. What does it mean to hold something dear? And in the end, what path will Sora choose?"--Back cover.

The captive kingdom

Ascendant King Jaron believes that his kingdom, Carthya, is at peace, so he and his bethrothed, Imogen, are sailing home from a trade mission when their ship is attacked by Prozarians, and Jaron and several of his friends are taken prisoner; the Prozarian captain seems to believe he had something to do with his parents' deaths and they also know a great deal about Jaron's long-missing older brother, Darius, the rightful heir to Carthya--who may be alive after all.

The shattered castle

When King Jaron returned to Carthya he brought with him a device that supposedly shows the way to a great treasure, but now everything is going wrong: Castor, the son of an old enemy, is conspiring against him and wants the throne for himself, his fianc?e, Imogen, seems to have turned against him, and the Prozarian Monarch has invaded his kingdom and taken Jaron's castle--but Jaron has a lot of experience at hiding and escaping, and he is not willing to leave Carthya or Imogen in the hands of his enemies.

Secrets of the city

". . . follows Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, and Michelangelo on four hilarious adventures as they battle otherworldly forces in New York City and save the day in time for pizza!"--Provided by publisher.

Ninja power

"Meet Raphael, Leonardo, Donatello, and Michelangelo: NYC's most unconventional and unexpected heroes. They're about to face off against the powers of evil. They'll always be brothers . . . but can they stay friends?"--Back cover.

Circe's dark reign

When she seizes a piece of an ancient wand from the Servants of Evil, Wonder Woman discovers that it is infused with dark magic, and during her quest for the remaining pieces she realizes that the wand belongs to the evil Circe, who must be the Servants' mysterious master--but when she brings the pieces to the Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C., she discovers that some of the people she trusts are not what they seem.

Bloom of the flower dragon

"Drake and the other Dragon Masters help Wildroot, a Flower Dragon whose home is in danger, find his Dragon Master Oskar after Oskar's identity is revealed to them by the Dragon Stone"--OCLC.

Yo-ho, yo . . . no!

With just one more good deed to do to complete her Quest of Kindness and gain admission to knight school, Princess Pulverizer, accompanied by pals Dribble and Lucas, tries to rescue a mermaid held captive on a pirate ship.

Wicked as you wish

Years after the evil Snow Queen desolated the magical kingdom of Avalon, Prince Alexei, his friend Tala, and a ragtag band, inspired by the appearance of the Firebird, try to reclaim their land.

Mobs rule!

"Something has turned the Evoker King to stone, and elements of his code have turned into new and terrible bosses that threaten the digital world of Minecraft. Now Po, Harper, and their friends must travel deep into underground and into a web of danger to face the one of them. But that's the easy part, because in the real world, Po decides to run for class president and before he knows it, the ground feels like it is opening under his feet and his popularity is about to plummet!"--Amazon.


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