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picture books

On Gull Beach

A boy tries to save a starfish from gulls on Gull Beach.
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Ducks away!

One by one five little ducklings tumble off the bridge into the river below--and mother duck follows them.
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In a small kingdom

"This folkloric picture book tells the story of a magical robe that goes missing, and the kingdom that hangs in the balance"--.
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Hedge hog!

"As the cold winter approaches, the grumpy hedgehog refuses to share his hedge with the garden animals looking for shelter, but he's about to learn a valuable lesson about helping others"--OCLC.
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How to be a lion

"When Leonard the lion and his friend Marianne, a duck, are confronted by a pack of lion bullies, they find a creative way to stand up for themselves"--Provided by publisher.
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All the animals where I live

A picture book in which the author meditates on life in the country.
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Throughout her busy days, Moon wonders what it would be like to be wild and free until the day she meets a wolf and learns his "wolfy ways.".
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Me, me, me

"When best friends Annie, Lillemor and Lilianne learn their school will be having a talent show, Annie says they should enter as an all-girl singing group. Her friends are all in--until Annie tries to force everyone to go along with her choice of song, costumes, band name and lead singer. When Lillemor and Liliane tell Annie they've had enough of her 'me, me, me' attitude, the band splits up, with Annie intent on performing solo. But it doesn't take long for her to realize it's just not the same without her friends. Can Annie find a way to make things right before it's too late?"--Amazon.com.
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Bonaparte falls apart

Bonaparte the skeleton is literally falling to pieces and needs help from his friends to pull himself together before the first day of school.
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Just being Jackie

Illustrations and text describe the life of Jackie Kennedy.
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