picture books

picture books

Maddi's fridge

Maddi's fridge is almost empty, while Sophia's fridge is full of food. How can Sophia help her friend Maddi without breaking her promise not to tell anyone?.

The golden rule

Grandpa explains that the golden rule is a simple statement on how to live that can be practiced by people of all ages and faiths, then helps his grandson figure out how to apply the rule to his own life.


"Bluey goes camping with her family and makes a new friend named Jean-Luc! Despite the language barrier, they have fun planting fruit trees, hunting a wild pig, and more! But when vacation ends, Bluey wonders if she'll ever get to see her new friend again"--Provided by publisher.

The bears shared

A den of hibernating bears and a family of birds find warmth and shelter during a storm by sharing what they have.

Justice Ketanji

the story of US Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson
"United States Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson knew from the very beginning that 'You can do anything. You can be anything.' Driven by those powerful words and her parents' love, Ketanji refused to let naysayers stop her from rising to the top. Her perseverance and her wits led her to become the first Black woman to become a US district judge and eventually the first Black female US Supreme Court justice"--Provided by publisher.

If you find a leaf

"A young artist draws inspiration from the leaves she collects and every leaf sparks a new idea"--Provided by publisher.

Con pollo

a bilingual playtime adventure
Serving as an introduction to basic Spanish vocabulary, this picture book from Jimmy Fallon and Jennifer Lopez stars a super friendly chicken named Pollo who loves to play all day and make any activity even more fun.

A pie for us!

Dog Sniff and cat Scratch live together in a house where sometimes they quarrel and sometimes they cooperate--especially when mischief is involved.

People are wild

"Baby animals observe the strange habits of children"--Provided by publisher.

Call me Max

"When Max starts school, the teacher hesitates to call out the name on the attendance sheet. Something doesn't seem to fit. Max lets her know the name he wants to be called by--a boy's name. This begins Max's journey as he makes new friends and reveals his feelings about his identity to his parents. . . An age-appropriate introduction to what it means to be transgender"--Provided by publisher.


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