superhero comic books, strips, etc

superhero comic books, strips, etc


a death in the family
When Jason Todd, aka Robin, discovers that the woman he believed was his mother was not his real mother, he goes looking for his birth mother. When he tracks her to the Middle East, he ends up tangled up in one of the Joker's schemes, and it will be a fatal mistake.

Fantastic Four

Reed and Sue Richards take Ben, Johnny and the kids on a year-long vacation through time and space. The plan is that they will only actually be gone from Earth for four minutes and, in their absence, Ant-man, Medusa, She-Hulk, and the new Ms. Thing stand ready to protect the world. In reality, the Fantastic Four fail to return from their vacation until an aged version of Johnny Storm flames into the Baxter Building claiming that the whole group will be dead if something is not done quickly.


Collects no. 14-19 of "Invincible" comics, in which teen superhero Mark Grayson, having learned the awful truth about his father, finds the world a difficult place to negotiate--especially with high school graduation looming.


Mark Grayson struggles to keep his superpowers a secret as he deals with sex, relationships, and saving the world.


Presents numbers 5-8 of "Invincible," in which teenager Mark Grayson, son of the superhero Omniman, struggles to balance girls, peer pressure, and the SATs with his own heroic responsibilities.


3-2-1 action!
Superman's friend and coworker, Jimmy Olsen, develops super powers of his own and becomes Mr. Action, and the two battle Kryptonite Man and other forces as Jimmy's past is revealed.

Teen Titans, go!

Presents six adventures in which the Teen Titans--Robin, Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy, and Cyborg--battle such foes as Red X and Garsaurus Rex to keep Jump City safe.


Deadpool faces reanimated dead presidents, a demon from his past, and Daredevil.

Avengers vs. Thanos

In his bid to become a god, Thanos of Titan sets his sights on conquering Earth, but first he has to eliminate its heroes, primarily the Avengers.

Hero city

The reader is asked to choose the course of the story and determine whether the main character will become a superhero or a supervillain after suddenly gaining super powers.


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