U.S. Capitol

the history of U.S. Congress
Students will learn essential information about Congress and its houses and how its history has affected the operations of the United States government today.

Establishing the legislative branch

Explores the establishment of the legislative branch.

Dennis Ch?vez

the first Hispanic US Senator
A biography of politician Dennis Ch?vez. Presented in English and Spanish.

The U.S. Senate

"A historical survey of the United States Senate, from its beginnings to current issues, including its role in Congress and influential senators, such as Daniel Webster and Hillary Clinton"--Provided by publisher.


fighter, phenom, change maker
"A celebratory biography of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (aka "AOC"), the youngest congresswoman in United States history,detailing not only her life but the movement she has energized"--Provided by publisher.

Hillary Clinton

historic politician
A biography of Hillary Rodham Clinton, the first female presidential candidate for the Democratic party and former Secretary of State, that discusses her political career, family and educational background.

The truths we hold

an American journey
The autobiographical memoir of the first woman, African American, and South Asian American to become attorney general of the State of California, and the second black woman ever elected to the United States Senate. Harris discusses the impact that her family and community had on her life, and how she came to discover her own sense of self and purpose.

The Senate

"This book takes you inside the U.S. Senate, from its inception in the early days of the American republic throughthe present . . . [Examines] the daily schedule of a senator. . . how senators introduce and pass legislation . . . [and] key figures in the history of the Senate, such as the first female and African-American senators. . . [Also provides] information on the role of Senate staff, constituent services, and the ways the House and Senate collaborate in matters such as impeachment"--Provided by publisher.

Kamala Harris

"Kamala Harris is . . . [a] prominent political figure. During her time in Congress, she has been an inspiration to many, advocating for equal rights, immigration and criminal justice reform, and a more united country. In this . . . biography, young readers will learn about Harris's life from her childhood to . . . [more recent times] her accomplishments as an attorney, and her challenges in politics"--Provided by publisher.

Joe Biden

a life of trial and redemption
Provides an updated biography of Joe Biden exploring his life and political career, and highlighting events leading up to his 2020 presidential campaign. Discusses his upbringing, personal tragedies, legislative career, and time as U.S. vice president. Draws on exclusive interviews with friends and family members, and includes black-and-white photographs.


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