readers (publications)

readers (publications)

Different can be great

all kinds of families
"Makayla's family is about to change with her baby brother's arrival. She goes on a mission to see how families are each unique. Readers discover how families are different and that different is great!"--Provided by publisher.

School's in, Crabby!

"Plankton gets the idea to play school with Crabby as the student, but Crabby is more interested in recess and uses wordplay to confuse Plankton and get his way"--OCLC.

Happy birthday, Hedgehog!

Harry is worried when he discovers someone has given his best friend Hedgehog the exact same birthday gift he brought, but Hedgehog reassures his best pal that since he now has two airplanes he can race them with Harry.

Build it! Jump it!

Ace builds her own skateboard, but it takes a lot of practice (and some falls) to learn to skate well--and then she builds a ramp and takes it to the park to skate with her new skateboarding friends.

Drive it! Fix it!

"Ace has built her own go-kart, but when she is ready for a test run it will not start, and she has to figure out what part is missing--and then in the middle of the race something else goes wrong"--OCLC.

The robot book

"Introduces readers to multiple robots"--Provided by publisher.

The penguin book

Simple text and illustrations introduce readers to different kinds of penguins.

The horse book

"Which horses have feathers on their feet? How do you give a horse a handshake? Find out the answers to these questions and more in this . . . book about horses"--Provided by publisher.

The wild cats book

"Brought to you by the editors of Let's Find Out, My Weekly Reader.".

Get well, Crabby!

When Crabby gets sick, Plankton is determined to play doctor and take care of his friend, even if Crabby does not want the help--until Crabby realizes that he can get Plankton to do all of his household chores.


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