Torres, J.

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a ghost story
Jesse is unhappy about traveling to the Philppines for his grandmother's funeral, mainly because he had something in common with scary old Lola--he can see dead people and other scary things nobody else can see. Being in her house and attending her funeral are going to make that hard to ignore.

Brobots and the shoujo shenanigans!

"What should be a routine trip to the moon to see pop sensation Starlite quickly turns to disaster when the BroBots discover her in a deep sleep! Waking up is hard to do, but the BroBots are experts at going by the book. But where's the book that tells them how to defeat the giant, evil moon monster putting everyone to sleep? Against their biggest, baddest foe yet, do the BroBots--and their cousins--stand a chance?"--Provided by publisher.

Bigfoot Boy

Rufus is visiting his Grammy and he encounters a totem in the adjacent woods that turns him into a Bigfoot and he becomes the enemy of a wolf pack that wants the totem.
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Bigfoot Boy

When some tricky ravens see Bigfoot Boy's magical totem they want it for themselves.

Brobots and the mecha malarkey!

"This time [the Brobots are] up against the Semisweet ChocoWitch of Crime Bru?le?e Mountain and her crumby criminal cohorts!"--Back cover.
Cover image of Brobots and the mecha malarkey!

Jay & Sass

how to spot a sasquatch
Cover image of Jay & Sass

Brobots and the kaiju kerfuffle!

"When a BIG problem comes to Brotown, the bro-fessional Brobots bro-up for their most exciting bro-operation yet"--Back cover.

Into the woods

Ten-year-old Rufus is forced to stay with his Grammy and drink her awful prune juice, but when he meets Penny, the girl next door, he stumbles on an adventure. Following Penny into the woods, Rufus accidentally finds a legendary totem, the Q'achi totem, which turns its owner into Big Foot.


"Do Gooders don't fight! Do Gooders do what's right! In this ... board comic, two siblings learn what it really means to be a hero. It doesn't take bravery and strength, it takes teamwork and friendship"--Provided by publisher.

Teen Titans go!

Thunder and lightning strike!
Two powerful brothers, Thunder and Lightning, get into a fight above the city--and it is up to Cyborg, Beast Boy and the other Teen Titans to figure out a way to settle the dispute before the city is destroyed.


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