paranormal comics

paranormal comics

The October Faction

"The Allan family has inducted Dante, a.k.a. Robot Face, into the fold and Geoff and Vivian have begun their training in the family business: monster hunting. All looks well for the Allans, but Sheriff Chambers is slowly catching on to their occult activities."--Back cover.

The zodiac legacy

"Roxanne (Rooster), Liam (Ram), and Duane (Pig) are trapped on an out-of-control high-speed train. Their Zodiac powers are not enough to stop it safely. Can they rely on the help of their new teammate, Malik (Ox), who just joined them from Vanguard? The Zodiac team must take a crash course in teamwork... at breakneck speed!"--Back cover.

Camp spirit

"Summer 1994: with just two months left before college, Elodie is forced by her mother to take a job as a camp counselor. She doesn't know the first thing about nature, or sports, of kids for that matter, and isn't especially interested in learning... but now she's responsible for a foul-mouthed horde of red-headed girls who just might win her over, whether she likes it or not. Just as Elodie starts getting used to her new environment, though--and close to one of the other counselors--a dark mystery lurking around the camp begins to haunt her dreams"--Provided by publisher.

Demon slayer =

Kimetsu no yaiba
"Their initial confrontation with Kokushibo, the most powerful of Muzan's demons, has left Tokito severely wounded and Genya cut in half--but still alive! Can his regenerative power heal even this fatal wound? The Hashira Himejima and Sanemi square off with Kokushibo and unleash all the skill they have against him. Himejima is blind, but if he can see into the Transparent World he might have achance. Who will survive this whirlwind of flashing blades?"--Back cover.


the adventures of Mary Shelley's great-great-great-great-great-granddaughter
"Everyone expects sixteen-year-old Mary to be a great writer. After all, her mother, her aunt, and her grandmother are all successful writers (as they constantly remind her)--not to mention her famous namesake, the OG Mary Shelley, horror author extraordinaire. But Mary is pretty sure she's not cut out for that life. She can't even stay awake in class! Then one dark and rainy night, she's confronted with a whole new destiny. Mary has the ability to heal monsters . . . and they're not going to leave her alone until she does"--Back cover.

The Montague twins

"Orphaned teens Pete and Al Montague and their adopted sister, Charlie, already known for solving mysteries in their small New England town, begin studying magic as they investigate a disappearance connected to a seventeenth-century witch"--Provided by publisher.


"Norma's got it all--a great job at a haunted hotel, amazing friends and a sweet new scar on her cheek. It's just a shame that her soul keeps falling out of her body. But with an alliance of demon kings declaring war on Earth and the vengeful ghost of a country singer on the loose, finding a way to keep herself together might just have to wait..."--Back cover.

Last dance

"Miriam has trained her whole life to fulfill her dreams and it's finally paid off now that she's the prima ballerina of the Lulli Dance Company, but she's been keeping a secret from them. The years of sprains, fractures, and bruises have taken their toll and a catastrophic ankle injury now means one terrible thing: she has to give it all up forever. Distraught beyond consolation, Miriam runs from the studio and discovers a secret room she's never seen before. Inside she finds a pair of gleaming white and gold slippers and a mysterious voice whispering to her in the dark. If she tries on the slippers, it says, she'll regain the strength to raise en pointe. It speaks the truth! Soon, Miriam is back, but each achievement means danger for everyone around her and negotiation with the spirit who claims it wants just one little harmless thing in return--to join the ballerinas and dance, just like her"--Provided by publisher.

GFFs: ghost friends forever

"Enter the new witch in school . . . Meet Charlotte, who has just moved to Sophia Greene-Campos's ghost-obsessed hometown of Spectreville. Charlotte and Sophia become fast friends and decide on two things: one, that they're going to learn witchcraft together (even if they have to study in secret) and two, that they're going to find Sophia's missing crush Whitney, the ghostly girl from the 1990s who Sophia has been catching feelings for"--Back cover.

The okay witch and the hungry shadow

Tired of being picked on, witch Moth Hush uses magic to create another version of herself--one who is confident, cool and extremely popular, which comes with an unexpected price.


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