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a journey from Earth to the edge of the cosmos
Collects two hundred full-color images of celestial bodies, including planets, stars, supernovae, black holes, and others.

Stephen Hawking

get to know the man behind the theory
Stephen Hawking was one of the greatest minds of our time. His theories about the universe have changed the way we think about black holes and the Big Bang. Learn more in this biography about the physicist on wheels who traveled the world.

The universe

the big bang, black holes, and blue whales
"Embark on an . . . journey that starts with the Big Bang and takes you all the way to the end of the universe . . . take a look billions of years into the past and discover the mind-bending early moments of the universe, the rise of the first stars, and the formation of the earliest galaxies. Explore the birth our sun and solar system and the formation of the only place in the universe known to support life: the earth. Finally, we'll zoom billions of years into the future to learn about the death of the sun, a colossal collision of galaxies, and even the fate of the universe itself"--Google Books.

Dark energy explained

"Dark energy is a mysterious force causing the universe to expand in an accelerating manner. Although Edwin Hubble discovered observational proof of expansion in 1929, the first direct evidence for dark energy came from supernova observations in the late 1990s. Untangling complex physics theories,. . . this text explores the development and evaluation of scientific theories behind dark energy. Students will learn about the tools and methods scientists use to unravel dark energy's origins, dynamics, and effects on the universe"--Provided by publisher.

The universe explained

a cosmic Q&A
"'The Universe Explained' gives scientific answers to 185 of the most popular questions about astronomy in a lightly humorous question-and-answer format. 'The Universe Explained' answers questions about space travel; telescopes; the solar system; comets, asteroids and meteors; stars; black holes; the Milky Way and other galaxies; the Big Bang and space and time. As well, the possibility of life beyond our planet is explored with up-to-date space discoveries; as well as debunking persistent myths and legends"--Provided by publisher.

Cosmic queries

StarTalk's guide to who we are, how we got here, and where we're going
"An exploration of some of the deepest questions about our place in the universe"--Provided by publisher.

The mysteries of the universe

Presents an illustrated look at the myths, legends, trivia, and key discoveries about the solar system and beyond.

Mysteries of the universe

"Has the universe always existed? Scientists have looked further into space and discovered the galaxies moving. Were they once closer together? If scientists look far enough, can they discover where our universe started? Budding astronomers will learn all about the universe in this in-depth look at space science"--Provided by publisher.

Carl Sagan

celebrated cosmos scholar
Discusses the life and career of astronomer and science writer Carl Sagan.


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