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A vaccine is like a memory

This timely book details the importance of vaccines and how they were developed throughout history, as well as how they work to protect your body and keep it healthy.

Good books for bad children

the genius of Ursula Nordstrom
A picture book biography of legendary children's book editor, Ursula Nordstrom.

From your table to the world

What country or culture does the food you eat originate from? Learn about how migration, history, and culture intertwines with the food we eat in the children's book From Your Table to the World. This kid's book takes students on a journey across the world to learn about how cultural traditions spread and influence the food we eat today. The travel book features a glossary, after-reading questions, and an extension activity to enhance reading comprehension skills.

How the West was won

Answers over 100 questions you wanted to know about westward expansion.


Answers over 100 questions to many of the answers that you want know.

Slavery and the African American story

The true story of Africans and African Americans in the United States, from their arrival up until 1850.

Women and children first

the sinking of the Titanic
The events surrounding the sinking of the Titanic did not look the same to everyone involved. Step back in time and into the shoes of a crewmember, a first-class passenger, and a steerage passenger as readers act out scenes that took place in the midst of this historic event.

Hidden heroes in medicine

Get to know medicine's heroes with personal accounts of how they changed the medical field. Uncover the stories of women, people of color, and people with disabilities whose work helps us stay healthy.

Pandemic planet

The global COVID-19 pandemic feels unprecedented. But, the world has faced pandemics before: the black death, the flu, and antibiotic-resistant tuberculosis. The case studies of these occasions, alongside the COVID-19 pandemic, give readers perspective on how and why pandemics happen. The main content provides age-appropriate detail about how pandemics start, immunity, lockdowns, solutions, and more. This timely title combines history, science, and modern news information for young readers ready to learn and move on from the pandemic.

Who sparked the Montgomery Bus Boycott?

Rosa Parks
From refusing to give up her bus seat to a white passenger to sparking civil rights protests across America, explore how Rosa Parks's powerful act earned her the title "Mother of the Civil Rights Movement." A story of resistance, strength, and unwavering spirit, this graphic novel invites readers to immerse themselves in the life of the American Civil Rights leader; brought to life by gripping narrative and vivid full-color illustrations that jump off the page.


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