mississippi freedom project

mississippi freedom project

Freedom Summer for young people

the savage season that made Mississippi burn and made America a democracy
Chronicles the events of the summer of 1964, when hundreds of college students arrived in Mississippi to register black voters and educated black children. Delves into the murders of three of the volunteers and discusses the FBI's investigation, the discovery of the bodies, and the climax of the summer at the Democratic National Convention in Atlantic City.

Freedom summer

the 1964 struggle for civil rights in Mississippi
Introduces the efforts of student volunteers who traveled to Mississippi in 1964 to encourage African Americans to exercise their right to vote, and discusses the violent resistance they faced from supporters of segregation.
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Freedom Summer, 1964

Describes the events surrounding the Freedom Summer Project in 1964, during which volunteers from northern states traveled to Mississippi to attempt to prove to local politicians that African Americans wanted their right to vote enforced and encouraging African Americans to make that desire known. Also discusses the resistance and violence the volunteers encountered.
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