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Changing laws

politics of the Civil rights era
"Explores the key legislative and judicial victories of the civil rights era spanning from 1954 to the early 1970s, including Brown v. the Board of Education, the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Voting Rights Act of 1965, and the Fair Housing Act of 1968. Hands-on projects and research activities alongside . . . questions, links to online resources, and text-to-world connections promote an . . . understanding of history and offer opportunities for social-emotional learning"--OCLC.

Sitting in, standing up

leaders of the Civil Rights era
". . . tells the story of one of the most tumultuous and important eras in American history through the lives of five major figures of the civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s: Thurgood Marshall, Fannie Lou Hamer, Martin Luther King, Jr., Ella Baker, and John Lewis. Hands-on activities, essential questions, text-to-world connections, and links to online resources encourage readers ages 12 to 15 to explore how the work of these people sparked the passion of a nation and helped change the tide of social injustice in a way that reverberates to this day"--Provided by publisher.

Chance the Rapper

making music and giving back
Shares the life and career of Chance the Rapper, rap musician.

American sonnets for my past and future assassin

"In seventy poems bearing the same title, Terrance Hayes explores the meanings of American, of assassin, and of love in the sonnet form"--Provided by publisher.

Before she was Harriet

"Moses, General Tubman, Minty, Araminta, the woman we know today as Harriet Tubman went by many names. Each represented one of her many roles as a spy, as a liberator, as a suffragist, and more."--Provided by publisher.

Crispus Attucks

"How much do you know about Crispus Attucks? Find out the facts you need to know about the first person killed in America's fight for independence. You'll learn about the early life, challenges, and major accomplishments of this important American"--Provided by the publisher.

The only black girls in town

In a predominately white California beach town, the only two black seventh-graders, Alberta and Edie, find hidden journals that uncover family secrets and speak to race relations in the past.


the encyclopedia of the African and African American experience
Contains alphabetized articles--from Catimb? to Yolande Cornelia Giovanni--on people, places, events, and other topics related to Africa and the African-American experience, focusing on political and social history, literature, and the arts; and includes maps, charts, and tables.

Meet Shaquille O'Neal

an unauthorized biography
Traces the rising star's development from his early years through his college days and into the NBA.

Escape from the Roller Ghoster

Desmond and Andres try to enjoy their day at the local theme park while being pursued by ghosts.


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